The Seductress 2

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July 4, 2021

Lilly has a way with older men. The question is - what's her motive? After taking a job working for Lexi, a fashion designer, sparks between to fly between Lily and Lexi's husband, Ryan. Initially it seems like Ryan doesn't realize how tempting this young woman really is until his wife leaves town on a business trip and the two of them are left to their own vices. But, as things quickly heat up - what Ryan doesn't quite realize is that life as he knows it will never be the same.. Scene 1 22 min Starring: Seth Gamble Lilly Bell. Scene 2 26 min Starring: Ryan McLane Lexi Luna. Scene 3 32 min Starring: Derrick Pierce Lilly Bell. Scene 4 25 min Starring: Vanessa Sky Derrick Pierce Seductress 2, The

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