Take My Breath Away

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July 4, 2021

In her bathtub at night, shy nerdy teen Lucy (Gracie May Green) stares up at the ceiling, unmoving. When her finger is all the way in, she pauses for a moment, then starts slowly moving it in and out to pleasure herself. After a half-minute or more, fully immersed in her fantasy, she inhales a single long drawn out breath through her teeth, as she slowly slips under the water, submersing herself.Penelope (River Fox) moves to the kitchen, asking if she's interrupting anything. Debra (Sarah Vandella) insists that there was just something on Frank's shirt (Tommy Gunn). Penelope tells them that she overheard everything and now knows what they've been planning to do to her this whole time -- they just wanted to use her for sex!. Scene 1 52 min Starring: Gracie May Green Jake Adams. Scene 2 34 min Starring: Tommy Gunn Sarah Vandella River Fox Take My Breath Away

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