Street Rules 2

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June 30, 2021

Well fuck me, I had a blast from the past again when I picked up my next customer. Her name is Alyssa and she loves a bit of fun and games, always up for a laugh. I remember the last time I fucked her in the taxi, it was pretty good stuff. As we got talking I asked if she had enough time for a quick coffee. She agreed, so I grabbed two coffees to go and pulled up in one of my quiet spots to see if I could get lucky again. After giving her the old story of me retiring and wanting to find someone to travel with, she said she was on board with the idea and soon enough I had my tongue down her throat. Before I knew it she was on top and rubbing her pussy against my crotch. I couldn't take it anymore and pulled my cock out and slipped it straight into her tight wet pussy. I wanted to cum there and then, but first I wanted to get a bit more out of this hot chick, and more I got indeed.. Gorgeous Babe Enjoys His Big Dick in the Back Seat 23 min. Red Haired Tatted Beauty Gives Him Head and Gets Nailed from Behind 24 min. Blonde Babe Sucks His Cock and Enjoys a Pussy Pounding 26 min. Lovely Blonde Sucks and Fucks His Big Dick 28 min Street Rules 2

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