Shouldn’t Dad Do That?

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September 27, 2021

Natalie Knight chats with her friend Mackenzie Moss on the phone. They're both super excited that Mackenzie is coming over to Natalie's place for a slumber party that night. Later that night in the living room, Natalie and Mackenzie lie down in their bedrolls to get some shut-eye. As the girls doze off, Serene Siren sneaks into the room and unzips her still-slumbering daughter's bedroll, exposing her body. Staring at Natalie's body, Serene begins to masturbate.Chanel Preston comes into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. She lies down on the bed and begins to sensually masturbate. Soon, Chanel's step-daughter Autumn Falls opens the bedroom door without knocking, opening her mouth to say something to her mom. Autumn stops in her tracks and doesn't say anything, looking at what her mom is doing, confused but intrigued. Giselle Palmer is your typical teenager just trying to figure out her sexuality. In her desperation to explore, she ends up stealing a racy magazine from her father, but makes the amateur mistake of hiding it under her mattress. When she comes home from high school one day and finds her step-mom, Serene Siren, sitting on her bed with the magazine in-hand and a disapproving look, Giselle knows she's been caught.. Scene 1 32 min Starring: Serene Siren Mackenzie Moss Natalie Knight. Scene 2 34 min Starring: Chanel Preston Autumn Falls. Scene 3 35 min Starring: Serene Siren Giselle Palmer Shouldn’t Dad Do That?

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