Mother Knows Best

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July 1, 2021

Even in her earliest 1970s films, Candy Samples already fit the busty MILF archetype she would perfectly portray throughout her career. Her astounding knockers and mature beauty secured her place as history's ultimate bra-busting MILF! This three-film collection includes a gorgeous digital transfer of the incredibly rare, first-time-on-video release Mother Knows Best (1971, 64 min. Candy Samples, Suzanne Fields.) Candy teaches her little daughter Suzanne everything she needs to know about sex with a very hands-on approach! Also includes John Hayes' Hetero Sexualis (1973, 69 min., Becky Sharpe, Antoinette Maynard, Candy Samples, Maria Arnold), filled with bizarre scenarios and beautiful models. Brand new super digital transfer of an ultra-rare 35mm print - first time on video! Plus Mrs. Harris' Cavity (1974, 58 min., Candy Samples, Suzanne Fields, Sandy Empsey, Eve Orlon, Keith Erickson) Dental office sexual shenanigans! Total running time: 191 min.. Blonde with Big Tits Watches Couple Have Sex 11 min. Lesbians Have Cute Little Threesome 9 min. Babe Tokes on Hash Pipe Gets Ready for Sex 8 min. Sexy Babe Gets Fucked Hard 9 min. Older Blonde with Huge Tits Gets Involved in Foursome 6 min. She Has Threesome in Dentist Chair 13 min. Two Cute Girls Shower Together Then Have Threesome 22 min Mother Knows Best

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