Looking For Daddy

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May 26, 2021

Daddie issues? These babes have them! They are all looking for that special man to fill a void in their life but what they are really after is throbbing cock that can fuck the longing out of their loins! Emily Kae, Selma Sins and Tori Avano star in this epic adventure of longing, lust and Looking For Daddie. Emily Kae is a hot blonde that is longing for a thick dick to fuck the constant desire out of her pussy. What she doesn't know is that desire will always be there because she's got daddie issues that can't be fucked away! But it sure is fun to watch her try. See her take it from behind and watch her grind his dick as she climbs on top but stay till the end for the thick and messy creampie... Selma Sins knew the gardener was coming, which is why she was out back sunbathing! She loves the way his muscles ripple under his work shirt and she doesn't care that he's sweaty from a day in the sun all she wants is for him to fuck her with his big dick and treat her like a real life sex toy. Tori Avano doesn't know why she gravitates towards the tattooed bad boyz but we do! She's got major daddie issues that she's trying to have fucked out of her. Tori is a tattooed slut herself and this guy fucks the wet right out of her pussy and leaves her full of cum in the process! Tristan Berrimore would never admit it to her sorority girlfriends but she doesn't get off on frat guy cock the way they do. She gravitates towards older men because she's got some major daddie issues! We catch her here fucking one of her favorite old guy booty calls. He's got a big dick and she moans with every inch as he fucks her hard and deep. The balder the better for Gia Jakarta. Yup, yet another chick with major daddie issues. Gia's thing is that she gets off on fucking old bald guys like this one here. She's not even looking for a sugar daddie. She just likes to use them for their cocks and move on! Watch her watching his dick as he slams it in and out of her wet pussy before pulling out to cum on her belly.. Blonde Loves Cock in Her Pussy 40 min. Sexy Brunette Enjoys a Big Dick 22 min. Cute Girl Fucked on the Couch 25 min. Sexy Babe Loves to Fuck 28 min. Cute Babe is Curious for the Cock 34 min Blonde Loves Cock in Her Pussy Cute Girl Fucked on the Couch Sexy Brunette Enjoys a Big Dick Sexy Babe Loves to Fuck Cute Babe is Curious for the Cock

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