Lesbian Lust

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May 26, 2021

Lesbian Lust - Carter Cruise & Jenna SativaCarter is enjoying a morning shower when Jenna joins her beneath the spray. Carter is quick to turn off the water so that Jenna can lead her back to the bedroom. Once there, the two girls instantly lock lips in a heated lovemaking session.Lingerie Love - Jessa Rhodes & VioletWatching her lover try on lingerie, Jessa is more than wiling to help Violet fasten the clasps. However, as her hands move over Violet's body, the lingerie Jessa was supposed to be putting into place, seems to be falling to the floor.Only You - Charlotte Stokely & Odette De La CroixThe summer's day warmth encourages these two to give in to the sexual heat thrumming between them. Odette licks and sucks her lover's nipples whie Charlotte slides her hand into Odette's shorts to feel her woman's tight snatch.Orgasmic - Aiko Mai & Vinna ReedVinna is feeling extra horny as she admires her scantily clad figure in the mirror. When Aiko gets up to do some admiring of her own, Vinna slips her hand into her underwear and soon the two women are lost in their desires.Sensual Beauties - Anna Rose & Lady DAnna is taking sexy selfies when Lady D. joins her on the bed. The two girls lock lips instantly, exchanging passionate kisses and relieving each other of their clothing to more easily explore their lesbian lust. Lesbian Lust In Lesbian Lust from Club Innocence, seven gorgeous, imposing young women vy for that one very special orgasm that only another woman can give to them. Join these feminine lipstick lesbians as they pair up and do what they do best give and get non-stop multi-orgasmic fucks after all, they are specialists in their game!

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