Elles Savent Tout Faire

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July 6, 2021

Qui n'a jamais fantasme sur son infirmiere, son avocate ou sa banquiere ? Et si vos fantasmes se realisaient ? Ces femmes au sang chaud conjuguent travail et plaisir a la perfection. Elles savent vraiment tout faire !. Scene 1 42 min Starring: Anna Polina. Scene 2 32 min. Scene 3 32 min. Scene 4 36 min. Scene 5 26 min. Scene 6 28 min These girls are beautiful, these girls are good and they know how to do everything! From the little door-to-door saleswoman, to the delivery girl, to the young nanny, the cashier or the bookseller, they will make you fantasize about jobs you never even thought of. You will look at the shopkeepers in a different light afterwards…

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