Do Me After The Massage

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June 21, 2021

When Logan Long walks into his Career Day appointment, he recognizes masseuse Krissy Lynn almost immediately. She used to teach at his high school: in fact, she used to be his teacher. They walk into the massage room and get to work. Masseur Eric Masterson visits the luxurious home of client Alix Lynx to perform a massage on the premises. During the massage, Alix reveals that her husband has a foot fetish. Eric decides to want to try it too. No-nonsense masseuse Keisha Gray, specializes in sports injuries, is receiving her new client Kurt Lockwood. Keisha has worked with all of Kurt's teammates, so she knows exactly what to do to release the tension in Kurt's muscles. Taking off her top and grabbing Kurt's third leg, she gives his cock a much more physical form of therapy than he expected. While she's taking care of the preparations for her wedding, Sydney Cole is panicked and runs away to see her masseur step-brother. Eric Masterson assures his sister that she is just nervous and he will help her to calm down.. Scene 1 23 min Starring: Krissy Lynn Logan Long. Scene 2 19 min Starring: Eric Masterson Alix Lynx. Scene 3 30 min Starring: Kurt Lockwood Keisha Grey. Scene 4 26 min Starring: Eric Masterson Sydney Cole Do Me After The Massage

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