Cute And Anal Fucked 5

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May 26, 2021

Get ready for some straight, to the point gonzo porn! Cute and Anal Fucked 5 continues on with this hard pounding series by Lead Porn. They specialize in finding fresh new talent to make their porn debut and these cuties are getting fucked in the ass! The best part about new porn talent is that these chicks come in with such tight pussies, just imagine how tight their asses are! We are talking cock squeezing action! Jessica Lincoln was you know...just snacking on some fruit for breakfast when her boyfriend showed up with a hard on in his jeans. Being the good slut she is, Jessica hikes her leg up on the counter so he can fuck her pussy and rub her clit. By the time this hot couples hits the chair, he's balls deep in her ass! Melissa Benz is a natural red head with a freshly shaved pussy that reveals her juicy pink lips. Thing is, her pussy isn't the star of this show but her ass sure is! Watch Melissa do a spit as she throws her legs wide open so you can get a full on view of his cock fucking her asshole. Stasya Stoune is on all fours with her face resting on the bed as this stud destroys her ass with his thick dick. Stasya is new to porn so every hole is still nice and tight! Watch him get it wet in her pussy but after that it's all about fucking that nice, tight ass before cumming down her throat! Category: 18+ Teen, Anal, Creampie, Facial Cumshot Starring: Jessica Lincoln, Melissa Benz, Stasya Stoune

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