Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez
No data.
Also known as
Tony Martinez, Chuck Steven, Chuck Cee, Chuck M., Chuck Martino, Cias Martino, Cousin Phil, Cuck Martino, Mr. Friend, Philmore, Philmore Butts, Phimore Butts, Toni Martino, Tony Martin, Tony Steele
January 1, 1970 (53 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
183cm (6 ft)
77kg (170 lbs)
No data
Barbed wire right upper arm (later in career)
American Dream Girls 4 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Ass Masters 11 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Babewatch 5 (Notorious)
Babewatch 6 (Notorious)
Babewatch Beach (Sin City)
Bedtime Stories (Blue Coyote Pictures)
BurlesXXX (Video Team)
BurlesXXX 2 (Video Team)
Butt Hunt 12 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Cirque Du Sex 2 (Video Team)
Cloud 900 (Video Team)
Creme Rinse (Sin City)
Desert Island Butt Watch (Sunshine Films)
Getting Personal (Plush Entertainment)
Going To The Extreme (Eyeland Pictures)
Hardcore Fantasies 4 (Las Vegas Video)
Heart Breaker (Dreamland Video)
Hollywood Halloween Sex Ball (Eurotique Entertainment)
Hooters (Midnight Video)
In Too Deep (Impressive Productions)
Interview - Blonde Bombshells (Las Vegas Video)
Interview - Dark And Delicious (Las Vegas Video)
Interview - New And Natural (Las Vegas Video)
Interview - Southern Cumfort (Las Vegas Video)
Let's Play Naked (Coast To Coast)
Lustful Obsessions (Notorious)
Mickey Ray's Sex Search 6 (Wild Flower Productions)
Miss Nude International (Legend Video)
Mission: Phenomenal (HIP Video)
Mister Stickypants (Las Vegas Video)
Motel Sex 3 (Ram)
Motel Sex 4 (Ram)
Motel Sex 5 (Ram)
Motel Sex 6 (Ram)
Naughty (Las Vegas Video)
Neighborhood Slut (Las Vegas Video)
One More Night (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Philmore Butts Adventures In Paradise (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts All American Butt Search (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Goes Hollyweird (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Goes Wild (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Lake Poontang (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Meets the Palm Beach Nymphomaniac Kathy Willets (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts on the Prowl (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts One Wild Ride (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Spring Break (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Strikes Gold (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Strips Down (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Tampa Spice (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Travels the Rocki Roads of South Florida (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Wacky Weekend (Sunshine Films)
Pickup Lines 3 (Odyssey)
Pussyman Auditions 23 (Snatch Productions)
Rear Window (Nitro Productions)
Red Hot Passions (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Roller Babes (K-Beech Video)
Sex Detectives (Sunshine Films)
Sex Hawaiian Style (Gentlemen's Video)
Sex Truth And Videotape (Documentary Home Video)
Skin Dive (Sin City)
Temple Of Poon (Plush Entertainment)
Thunder And Lightning (Midnight Video)
Tight Spot (Western Visuals)
Tropical Tease (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Unbalanced Chemicals (Sunshine Films)
Water Sports (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Waves of Passion (K-Beech Video)
Way They Wuz (Shooting Star Video)
Yin Yang Oriental Love Bang 2 (Sunshine Films)
Ace in the Hole (Horne Boi Video)
Anal Adventures of Suzy Superslut 3 (Arrow Productions)
Anal Al's Adventures (Horne Boi Video)
Anal Europe 7 (Las Vegas Video)
Anal Europe 8 (Unknown)
April is This Year's Blonde (Legend Video)
Ariana's Dirty Dancers 5 (4-Play Video)
Backdoor Diaries (Barbie Bridges)
Backdoor Smugglers (Jourdan Alexander Video)
Bang City 5: Lennox's Anal Gang Bang (Sin City)
Bare Ass Beach (Total Video)
Beverly Hills Blondes 1 (Unlimited)
Beverly Hills Blondes 2 (Unlimited)
Big Breast Beach (Las Vegas Video)
Black Babewatch 1 (Infinity Film And Video)
Black Beach (Las Vegas Video)
Black Beauty (Las Vegas Video)
Butt Hunt 4 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Butt Hunt 8 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Butt Sisters Do Denver (Midnight Video)
Caught in the Act (II) (Las Vegas Video)
Cherry Poppers 11 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Circus Sluts (Las Vegas Video)
Crystal Images (In Bloom)
Debbie Class of 95 (Coast To Coast)
Double Wong Dong (Las Vegas Video)
Down and Dirty: Grunge Girl Chronicles (Maximum)
Dream Reamin' (Las Vegas Video)
Dynamite Brat (Las Vegas Video)
Erotic Fiction (Legend Video)
Evil Temptations 1 (Unlimited)
Evil Temptations 2 (Unlimited)
Exotic Tastes (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Fantasy Lover (Venus 99)
Fire And Ice (Las Vegas Video)
Gang Bang In Vedova (Unknown)
Girlfriends (Sin City)
Hardcore Beginners 10 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Hardcore Beginners 9 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Hawaiian Butt Watch (Sunshine Films)
Hawaiian Heat 1 (Coast To Coast)
Hawaiian Heat 2 (Coast To Coast)
Helen's Beauties 9: Body Acrobatics (Blue Coyote Pictures)
House of Pussy (Unknown)
In Search of the Brown Eye (Maximum)
Indecent Obsessions (Barbie Bridges)
Interview - Barely Legal (Las Vegas Video)
Interview - Naturals (Las Vegas Video)
Interview - Silicone Sisters (Las Vegas Video)
Interview: Caught in the Act (Las Vegas Video)
Irresistible (Las Vegas Video)
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 1 (All Blew Shirts)
Life in the Fast Lane (Legend Video)
Little Girl Lost (Sin City)
Lust And Desire (Western Visuals)
Models, Etc. (Las Vegas Video)
Mr. Stickypants (Unknown)
Naked Lunch (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Natural Born Thrillers (Las Vegas Video)
New Money (Unlimited)
Nightmare Visions (K-Beech Video)
Party Girl (Las Vegas Video)
Peach Pit (SB Pictures)
Philmore Butts Hawaiian Anal Adventure (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Las Vegas Vacation (Sunshine Films)
Philmore Butts Meets The Freak (Sunshine Films)
Pool Party at Seymore's 1 (Ultimate Video)
Pool Party at Seymore's 2 (Ultimate Video)
Poop Dreams (Unlimited)
Pussy Hunt 12 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Pussy Hunt 14 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Renegades 2 (Sin City)
Rock Groupies In Heat (Las Vegas Video)
Secret Seductions 1 (Unlimited)
Secret Seductions 2 (Unlimited)
Sex on the Beach Hawaiian Style 1 (Las Vegas Video)
Sex on the Beach Hawaiian Style 2 (Las Vegas Video)
Ski Sluts (Las Vegas Video)
Snow Bunnies 1 (Sin City)
Snow Bunnies 2 (Sin City)
Squirt Squad (Fantastic Pictures)
Striptease (Heatwave)
Thunder Road (Sin City)
Topless Brain Surgeons (Legend Video)
Trick Shots (Paradise Visuals)
Tropical Taboo (Filmco Releasing)
Up The Middle (Venus 99)
Video Virgins 21 (New Sensations)
Video Virgins 23 (New Sensations)
Visions (K-Beech Video)
Visions 2 (K-Beech Video)
Wild Desires (Maximum)
Wilde Palms (Excitement Video)
Yin Yang Oriental Love Bang (Sunshine Films)
All I Want For Christmas is a Gang Bang (Fantastic Pictures)
All the President's Women (Las Vegas Video)
Bachelor Party 2 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Backdoor Bandit (Las Vegas Video)
Beach Bum Amateurs 32 (After Midnight Video)
Beaver Hunt Video 1 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Beaver Hunt Video 2 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Beaver Hunt Video 3 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Beaver Hunt Video 6 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Big Bang (Fantastic Pictures)
Big Bang (II) (Las Vegas Video)
Big Bang 2 (Las Vegas Video)
Big Bang 3 (Las Vegas Video)
Big Bust Babes 21 (AFVC)
Big Bust Babes 24 (AFVC)
Big Bust Bangers 1 (Fantastic Pictures)
Big Bust Bangers 2 (Fantastic Pictures)
Black Magic 2 (Visual Images)
Boobs A Poppin' 1 (Totally Tasteless)
Burn It Up (Unknown)
Butt Bangers Ball (Metro)
Butt Hunt 2 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Butt Hunt 3 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Butt Sisters Do Detroit (Midnight Video)
Butt Sisters Do Las Vegas (Midnight Video)
Cheatin' (Fat Dog)
Cheating Hearts (AFVC)
Colossal Orgy 2 (Heatwave)
Colossal Orgy 3 (Heatwave)
Dark Tunnels (Las Vegas Video)
Decadent Adventures of Generation XXX (Maximum)
Deep Throat Girls 2 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Depraved Fantasies 3 (Zane Entertainment Group)
DeSade (Sin City)
Dirt Bags (Fantastic Pictures)
Dirty Danyel (Venus 99)
Farmer's Daughters (Las Vegas Video)
Frankenstein (Sin City)
Gang Bang At The OK Corral (Fantastic Pictures)
Good Pussy (Visual Images)
Great Pretenders (Fat Dog)
Hispanic Hooter Ho-down (Las Vegas Video)
Hollywood Hills Sex Party (Executive Video)
Hot Malibu (Brick House Entertainment)
Hustlers (Midnight Video)
I Can't Believe I Did The Whole Team (Fantastic Pictures)
Knockout (Leisure Time Entertainment)
M Series 15 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
M Series 19 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Mistress To Sinn (Las Vegas Video)
Much More Than a Mouthful 4 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
New Ends 9 (4-Play Video)
Offerta indecente (FM Video)
Petite and Sweet (Venus 99)
Playin' Hard To Get (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Private Requests (Glitz Video)
Pussyman 5 (Snatch Productions)
Racially Motivated (Las Vegas Video)
Rebecca Wild is Wide Open (Glitz Video)
Return of the Dickheads (Midnight Video)
Rookie Nookie 13 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Rump Reamers (Totally Tasteless)
Sabrina Starlet (Sin City)
Savage Fury 3 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Sex Detective (Las Vegas Video)
Sexorcist (Heatwave)
Seymore and Shane Mount Tiffany (Factory Home Video)
Seymore Butts Goes Deep Inside Shane (Factory Home Video)
Show Business (Las Vegas Video)
Sluts in Suburbia (Glitz Video)
Starbangers 6 (Fantastic Pictures)
Straight A's (Fantastic Pictures)
Suburban Nymphos (Atlas)
Summertime Boobs (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Swinging Couples 4 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Thief (Sin City)
Tonya Hard-on Story (Gourmet Video Collection)
Top Debs 5 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Treasure Chest (Las Vegas Video)
Ultimate Gang Bang (Heatwave)
Ultimate Squirting Machine 1 (Metro)
Video Roulette (Midnight Video)
Walk On The Wild Side (Visual Images)
Welcome to Paradise (Infinity Film And Video)
Whispered Lies (L.B.O. Entertainment)
69th Street (Visual Images)
9 1/2 Days 3 (Sascha Alexander Productions)
9 1/2 Days 4 (Sascha Alexander Productions)
9 1/2 Days 5 (Sascha Alexander Productions)
A is for Anal (Las Vegas Video)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 33 (Zane Entertainment Group)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 34 (Zane Entertainment Group)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 62 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Anal European Vacation (Las Vegas Video)
Anal Therapy 2 (Fat Dog)
Animalita (FM Video)
Backdoor to Cannes (VCA)
Backway Inn 3 (Fat Dog)
Backway Inn 4 (Fat Dog)
Battlestar Orgasmica (Erotic Video Network)
Bend Over (Visual Images)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 31 (Anabolic Video)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 39 (Anabolic Video)
Big Busteddd (After Dark Video)
Big Murray's Newcummers 24 (Fat Dog)
Bitch (Abandon)
Black Men Can Hump (Factory Home Video)
Bra Busters 1 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Breast Wishes 13 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Breast Worx 37 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Bustin' Loose (Las Vegas Video)
Bustin' Thru (Las Vegas Video)
Butt Sisters Do LA (Midnight Video)
Butt Watch 2 (Factory Home Video)
Can Can (Las Vegas Video)
Christmas Carol (Pleasure Productions)
Cinderella Society (Gourmet Video Collection)
Cluster Fuck 1 (Maximum)
Constant Craving (Vidco Entertainment)
Deliciously Teri (Infinity Film And Video)
Dickheads (Midnight Video)
Diva (Xcitement Video)
Double Down (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Executive Suites (Pleasure Productions)
Falling In Love Again (Private Moments)
Femme Fatale (Sin City)
Fringe Benefits (Infinity Film And Video)
Gangbang Girl 9 (Anabolic Video)
Gazonga Goddess (Infinity Film And Video)
Gazongas 5 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Gone Wild (Las Vegas Video)
Hangin' Out (Infinity Film And Video)
Hard To Hold (Infinity Film And Video)
Harlots (Midnight Video)
Haunting Dreams 1 (Las Vegas Video)
Haunting Dreams 2 (Las Vegas Video)
Heaven Scent (II) (Las Vegas Video)
Hometown Honeys 5 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Hot to Trot (Infinity Film And Video)
Immortal Desire (Vivid)
It's Only Love (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Lady In Blue (new) (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Lethal Lolita (Legend Video)
Living in a Wet Dream (new) (Erotic Video Network)
Lover Girls (new) (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Miss Anal America (Las Vegas Video)
Mistress Hiney, The Beverly Hills Butt Broker (Stroker Video)
Moon Goddesses 2 (Visual Images)
Mr. Fun's Mondo Adventure! (VCA)
Mr. Peepers' Amateur Home Videos 76 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Much More Than A Mouthful 3 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
My Travels With The Tramp (Factory Home Video)
Naughty But Nice (Infinity Film And Video)
Nothing Else Matters (Venus 99)
Oh My God, I Married An Anal Queen (Midnight Video)
One And Only (Fat Dog)
Other People's Pussy (Las Vegas Video)
Peekers (Midnight Video)
Picture Me Naked (Legend Video)
Precious Cargo (Visual Images)
Quickies (Arrow Productions)
Read My Lips No More Bush (Heatwave)
Satin Finish (new) (Unknown)
Seductress (Zane Entertainment Group)
Sex Scientist (Fat Dog)
Seymore Butts Swings (Factory Home Video)
Six Plus One 2 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Sleeping With Seattle (Las Vegas Video)
Soap Me Up (Fat Dog)
Sorority Sex Kittens 1 (VCA)
Spanish Fly (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Steele Butt (Arrow Productions)
Suburban Swingers 1 (Infinity Film And Video)
Teacher's Pet (Las Vegas Video)
This Could Be The Night (Infinity Film And Video)
Tonight's The Night (Venus 99)
Too Cute For Words (Venus 99)
Top Heavy (Infinity Film And Video)
Trash In The Can (Las Vegas Video)
Tunnel of Lust (Las Vegas Video)
Virgin (Heatwave)
Virgins of Video 2 (Your Dreams Inc.)
Wet Wild and Willing (Venus 99)
Whoppers 6 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Whorelock (Las Vegas Video)
Adventures of Seymore Butts (Factory Home Video)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 17 (Zane Entertainment Group)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 19 (Zane Entertainment Group)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 31 (Zane Entertainment Group)
America's Raunchiest Home Videos 36 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Beach Bum Amateurs 10 (After Midnight Video)
Beach Bum Amateurs 11 (After Midnight Video)
Beach Bum Amateurs 12 (After Midnight Video)
Beach Bum Amateurs 8 (After Midnight Video)
Beach Bum Amateurs 9 (After Midnight Video)
Bed And Breakfast (VCA)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 10 (Anabolic Video)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 11 (Anabolic Video)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 13 (Anabolic Video)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 15 (Anabolic Video)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 20 (Anabolic Video)
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 5 (Anabolic Video)
Boobytrap (Heatwave)
Boomeranal (Coast To Coast)
Breast Worx 22 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Crazed 1 (Vivid)
Crazed 2 (Vivid)
Dallas Does Debbie (HIP Video)
Decadent Delights (Infinity Film And Video)
Deep C Diver (Las Vegas Video)
Dottoressa (Hobby Video)
Gangbang Girl 7 (Anabolic Video)
Gangbang Girl 8 (Anabolic Video)
Gazongas 4 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
I Dream Of Tiffany (Infinity Film And Video)
Impulse 1: Memories Of An Italian Slut (Brick House Entertainment)
Major Slut (Las Vegas Video)
Midnight Caller (Midnight Video)
Mr. Peepers' Amateur Home Videos 44: Royal Reaming (L.B.O. Entertainment)
My Anal Valentine (Fat Dog)
Night Creatures (Pleasure Productions)
Obsexxed (Vidco Entertainment)
One of a Kind (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Oreo A Go-go (Factory Home Video)
Queen of Hearts 3 (Pleasure Productions)
Return to a Tale of Two Titties (Arrow Productions)
Seymore Butts and the Honeymooners (Factory Home Video)
Seymore Butts in the Love Shack (Factory Home Video)
Seymore Butts Rides Again (Factory Home Video)
Smeers (HIP Video)
Street Girl Named Desire (Fat Dog)
Tinseltown Wives (Las Vegas Video)
Twice As Hard (Infinity Film And Video)
Uncle Roy's Amateur Home Video 11 (Visual Images)
Uncle Roy's Amateur Home Video 12 (Visual Images)
Vedo nudo (FM Video)
Visualizer (VCA)
Wilde At Heart (Leisure Time Entertainment)
69 Minutes Evening News 1 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Amber Lynn's Personal Best (Vidco Entertainment)
Autobiography of Herman Flogger (AVC)
Box Lunch Club (Western Visuals)
Cat Alley (AVC)
Cavalcade Of Stars (VCR)
Coming Holmes (Vidco Entertainment)
Dangerous Desires (Now Showing Inc.)
Devil in Miss Jones 3 (VCA)
Dial-a-dick (AVC)
Dirty Harriet (Select-a-tape)
Doctor is In (CDI Home Video)
Double Penetration 1 (Western Visuals)
Down and Dirty in Beverly Hills (Metro)
End Of Innocence (Arrow Productions)
Farmer's Daughters (Western Visuals)
Female Aggressors (Catalina Video Distributors)
Flesh Fire (AVC)
For Your Thighs Only (Western Visuals)
Funky Brewster (Dr. X Presents)
Getting Ready (CDI Home Video)
Hannah Does Her Sisters (Select-a-tape)
In Search of the Wild Beaver (Dreamland Entertainment)
Indecent Itch (VCR)
Just the Two of Us (Western Visuals)
Kiss of the Married Woman (Western Visuals)
Layout (Paradise Visuals)
Like a Virgin 2 (VCX)
Living in a Wet Dream (Penguin Productions)
Lusty (Paradise Visuals)
Man Trap (Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions)
Miami Spice 1 (Caballero Home Video)
Miami Spice 2 (Caballero Home Video)
Midnight Pink (Western Visuals)
Mouth Watering (Vidco Entertainment)
Sex Beat (Western Visuals)
Sex Dancer (Now Showing Inc.)
Sex Line (Catalina Video Distributors)
Sex the Hard Way (Caballero Home Video)
Slippery When Wet (Pleasure Productions)
Spies (Pleasure Productions)
Taboo 5 (Standard Video)
Temperature's Rising (Video Team)
Up to No Good (CDI Home Video)
Xterminator (Paradise Visuals)
Angel of the Night (Metro)
Aurora's Secret Diary (LA Video)
Beaverly Hills Cop (Target)
Between The Cheeks 1 (VCA)
Black Throat (VCA)
Blonde On The Run (Paradise Visuals)
Carrie Sex On Wheels (Zane Entertainment Group)
Caught from Behind 3 (Filmco Releasing)
Cotton Candy (Metro)
Dance Fever (Cinematech Inc.)
Dangerous Curves (Cal Vista)
Deep Chill (Atom)
E Three: Extra Testicle (Collector's Video)
Enchantress (4-Play Video)
Evil Angel (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Family Heat (Atom)
Firefoxes (Caballero Home Video)
Freeway Honey (VCA)
Future Voyeur (Superstar Video)
Gang Bangs (VCR)
Girls of Cell Block F (Western Visuals)
Going Down (VCA)
Gold Diggers (Tri Vid)
Hollywood Heartbreakers (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Hot Sweet Honey (Visual Entertainment)
Kiss of the Gypsy (Western Visuals)
Lady Casanova (AVC)
Let Me Tell Ya Bout Black Chicks (VCA)
Like a Virgin 1 (Atom)
Little Muffy Johnson (Visual Entertainment)
Love Bites (Caballero Home Video)
Love Scene (CDI Home Video)
Mother's Pride (Diverse Productions)
Naked Night (VCR)
Perfection (Vidco Entertainment)
Pleasure Party (II) (Gourmet Video Collection)
Rear Ended (Western Visuals)
Ribald Tales of Canterbury (Caballero Home Video)
Satin Finish (Arrow Productions)
Savage Fury 1 (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Sex Star Competition (LA Video)
Sinfully Yours (Filmco Releasing)
Skin Games (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Tracy in Heaven (Western Visuals)
Up And In (Zane Entertainment Group)
Vote Pink (Vidco Entertainment)
Whore of the Worlds (Paradise Visuals)
You're the Boss (Vidco Entertainment)
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