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Also known as
Nicki Sinn, Laura Zrake, Nickie Sinn, Nikki Sin
January 1, 1970 (53 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
173cm (5 ft 8 in)
55kg (121 lbs)
Peacock left breast
Agony of Ariana (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Anal Intruder 11 (Coast To Coast)
Anal Witness 3: Going Deeper (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Backing In 8 (Western Visuals)
Bad Boyz Good Girlz (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 1 (Elegant Angel)
Butt Watch Pool Bash (Sunshine Films)
Buttslammers 15 (Exquisite)
Craving (Grand Visions)
Cross Sexxion (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Crossing The Color Line (New Age Pictures)
Decadence and Denial (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Double Dealin Piston Poppers (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Everybody Wants Some Bionca Style (Exquisite)
Fellatio Fanatics (Nitro Productions)
Hardcore Interracial 2 (Tight Ends)
Head Hunter (Snatch Productions)
Heavenly Hooters (Big Top Video)
Hooker's Diary (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Hot Tight Asses 20 (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
In the Hole (Sin City)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 44 (Red Board Video)
Latex and Decadence (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Net Dreams (Arrow Productions)
New Rave Video Magazine 1: November Issue (Dreamland Entertainment)
Nikki And The Transvestites (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Nikki's Cruelty (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Philmore Butts Taking Care of Business (Sunshine Films)
Prisoners of Lust (Tight Ends)
Pussyman Takes Hollywood (Odyssey)
Queen's Challenge (Sin City)
Shoe Slutz (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Spazm 2: Rapid Fire (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Spazm 3 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Swinging in the Rain (Nitro Productions)
Therapist From Hell (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Training Of Slave James (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Ultimate Pleasure (Legend Video)
Ultimate Swimming Pool Orgy (Tight Ends)
Undercover (VCA)
Valentino's Asian Invasion (Sin City)
Water Ho's (Gourmet Video Collection)
Waterholes (Sly Productions)
World's Luckiest Man (Vivid)
Addicted to Lust (Nitro Productions)
Anal Alley (Fat Dog)
Bareback (Legend Video)
Big Bust Babes 37 (AFVC)
Big Bust Babes 38 (AFVC)
Borrowed Bodies (Coast To Coast)
Cable Girl (Nitro Productions)
Carnal Country (Nitro Productions)
Carnival Of Flesh (Nitro Productions)
Chateau Duval (Helen Duval Entertainment)
Club Decca (Bacchus Releasing)
Corporate Justice (Tight Ends)
Deep Seven (VCA)
Desert Cafe (Nitro Productions)
Deviant Doctor 1 (Digital Playground)
Double D Dykes 26 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Dream House (Xplor Media Group)
Final Obsession (Legend Video)
Friendly Fire (Eye Deal)
Goldenbush (Avica Entertainment)
Head Nurse (Raw Silk)
Horny Housewife (Filmco Releasing)
Hot Parts (Nitro Productions)
Hot Tight Asses 15 (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
Hot Tight Asses 16 (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
In By Midnight (Midnight Video)
Insatiable Dreams (Coast To Coast)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 32 (Red Board Video)
Leg Show 2 (Nitro Productions)
Lust Behind Bars (Gourmet Video Collection)
Lust in Time (Ona Zee Presents)
Memories (II) (Helen Duval Entertainment)
Motel Sex 3 (Ram)
N.Y. Video Magazine 8 (Outlaw Productions)
Naked Scandal (Sterling)
Nikki Sinn's Stocking Tease (JB Video)
Other Woman (VCA)
Philmore Butts Strips Down (Sunshine Films)
Punishing the Sluts (Red Board Video)
Pussyman 14 (Snatch Productions)
Return of Dr. Blacklove (Coast To Coast)
Rockhard (Coast To Coast)
Sex Machine (Vivid)
Shayla's Swim Party (VCA)
Tight Spot (Western Visuals)
Time To Thrill (Executive Video)
Ultimate Fantasy (Metro)
Under the Covers (Gourmet Video Collection)
Underground 3: Sit On This! (Sin City)
Usual Anal Suspects (Coast To Coast)
Venom 2 (Vidco Entertainment)
Wild Cherries (Sin City)
Altered Paradise (Legend Video)
Anal Alley Cat (Unknown)
Anal Intruder 9 (Coast To Coast)
Anal Shame (Vidco Entertainment)
Anal Woman 3 (Pleasure Productions)
Anally Insatiable (Unknown)
Ass Busters (Vidmax)
Ass Freaks 2 (Rosebud)
Babes Illustrated 3 (Metro)
Behind the Brown Door (Plush Entertainment)
Best of Both Worlds 2 (Unknown)
Betty and Juice Possessed (Caballero Home Video)
Big Bust Babes 28 (AFVC)
Big Bust Babes 30 (AFVC)
Big Bust Babes 32 (AFVC)
Big Tit Racket (Pepper Productions)
Blackdoor Babes (Tidal Wave)
Boudoir Babe (Vidmax)
Buffy's New Boobs (CDI Home Video)
Butt Alley (Vidmax)
Butt Busters (Executive Video)
Butt Sisters Do Chicago (Midnight Video)
Butthead Dreams: Mission Impenetrable (Factory Home Video)
California Covet (Caballero Home Video)
Club Anal 3 (Rosebud)
Cold As Ice (Metro)
Coming Out Bi (Metro)
Dance Naked (Pepper Productions)
Devil in a Wet T-shirt (Sterling)
Dirty Little Ass Slut (Kinky World)
Dominique's Bi Adventure (Stallion Video)
Double D Dykes 17 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Double D Dykes 19 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Double D Dykes 20 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Double D Dykes 21 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Down and Dirty: Grunge Girl Chronicles (Maximum)
Dragon Lady (Sticky Video)
Ebony Princess (Metro)
Every Nerd Has A Fantasy (Filmco Releasing)
Finger Pleasures 5 (Pleasure Productions)
Foreskin Gump (Legend Video)
Gazongo (Pepper Productions)
Infamous Crimes Against Nature (Summit)
Journal Of O 2 (Ona Zee Presents)
Kittens And Vamps 2 (Rosebud)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 28 (Red Board Video)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 29 (Red Board Video)
Little Red Riding Hood (Metro)
Love Spice (K-Beech Video)
Many Happy Returns (Nitro Productions)
Mellon Man 3 (Avica Entertainment)
More Than A Handful 5 (Metro)
More Than A Handful 6 (Metro)
Nude Awakenings (Plum Productions)
Ona Zee's Sex Academy 4 (Ona Zee Presents)
Orgies Orgies Orgies (Western Visuals)
Outcall Outlaw (Coast To Coast)
Pawn Shop (K-Beech Video)
Penitentiary (Heatwave)
Perverted 3 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Pussyman 8 (Snatch Productions)
Rear and Pleasant Danger (Plum Productions)
Rx for a Gang Bang (Zane Entertainment Group)
Shot In The Pants (Filmco Releasing)
Slammed (Paradise Visuals)
Slave Quarters (Prestige Video)
Slutsville USA (Vidmax)
Stacked Deck (Metro)
Star (Coast To Coast)
Strip Poker (Pepper Productions)
Striptease (Heatwave)
Switch Hitters 9 (Metro)
Tail Taggers 129 (Western Visuals)
Three Mistresses of the Chateau (Star Maker Video)
Tight Fit 12 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Tits (Avica Entertainment)
Toe Jam (Unknown)
Unplugged (Coast To Coast)
Velvet (Sterling)
Wasted (Prestige Video)
Weird Sex (Gourmet Video Collection)
Whackers (Plum Productions)
Willie Wanker At The Sushi Bar (Fat Dog)
Working Girls (Factory Home Video)
All 'A' (Silver Foxx Productions)
Anal Arsenal (Bedtime Theatre)
Anal Blues (Pepper Productions)
Assmania (Moonlight Entertainment)
Badlands 1 (Pepper Productions)
Badlands 2: Back into Hell (Pepper Productions)
Big Town (Plum Productions)
Black Flava (Executive Video)
Blackbroad Jungle (Metro)
Breastman's Wet T-shirt Contest (Erotic Video Network)
Butt Darling (Butt-X)
Butts Motel 6 (Executive Video)
Butts Up (Caballero Home Video)
Caged Beauty (Fat Dog)
Centerfold Celebrities '94 1 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Chain Gang (Odyssey)
Chinatown (Sin City)
Climax 2000 (Coast To Coast)
Climax 2000 2: Revenge of the Phantom (Coast To Coast)
Colossal Orgy 1 (Heatwave)
Colossal Orgy 2 (Heatwave)
Confessions Of A Slutty Nurse (Visual Images)
Designs On Women (Metro)
Dick and Jane Do the Strip (Avica Entertainment)
Double D Housewives 1 (Paradise Visuals)
Dragon Lady 7 (Western Visuals)
Erotika (Western Visuals)
Face (Plum Productions)
FleXXX (Video Team)
Frontin' Da Booty (Wicked Pictures)
Geranalmo (Pleasure Productions)
Heart Breakers (Caballero Home Video)
Heat Waves (Legend Video)
Hustlers (Midnight Video)
L.A. Sex On The Run: Girls Who Travel For Sex (Aphrodite)
Lap Of Luxury (Vidmax)
Love Seats (Prestige Video)
Lusty Ladies (Unknown)
Maneaters 111 (Silver Foxx Productions)
N.Y.D.P. (Pepper Productions)
Nikki Sinn and Sally Layd (JB Video)
No Motive (Midnight Video)
Objective: DP (Pepper Productions)
Psychoanal Therapy (Caballero Home Video)
Pudsucker (Midnight Video)
Pussyman 5 (Snatch Productions)
Pussywoman 2 (Coast To Coast)
Quest (Sin City)
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (VCA)
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (new) (VCA)
Revenge of the Pussy Suckers From Mars (Plum Productions)
Rim Job Rita (Sin City)
Ron Hightower's White Chicks 1 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Secret Urges (II) (Vidco Entertainment)
Seekers (Caballero Home Video)
Sex Circus (Visual Images)
Sex in Dangerous Places 1 (Odyssey)
Sex On The Run 1 (Totally Tasteless)
Ski Bunnies 1 (Heatwave)
Ski Bunnies 2 (Heatwave)
Stranger at the Backdoor (Coast To Coast)
Strippers Inc. (Ona Zee Presents)
Tail Taggers 111 (Western Visuals)
Tail Taggers 113 (Western Visuals)
Tail Taggers 115 (Western Visuals)
Titanic Orgy (Pepper Productions)
Tits A Wonderful Life (Metro)
Trailer Trash (VCA)
Ultimate Gang Bang (Heatwave)
Used and Abused 1 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Used and Abused 2 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Watersgate (Prestige Video)
Wild Roomies (VCA)
Witness for the Penetration (Pepper Productions)
Anal Takeover (Pepper Productions)
Backdoor Adventures of Butthead and Beaver (Heatwave)
Bashful Blonde From Beautiful Bendover (CDI Home Video)
Behind the Back Door 6 (Erotic Video Network)
Big Shave (Pepper Productions)
Black Buttnicks (Coast To Coast)
Boodyguard (In-X-Cess Productions)
Bossy Babes (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
Bottom Dweller Part Deux (Elegant Angel)
Breastman's Anal Adventure (Erotic Video Network)
California Cruizin: Butthole Boulevard (Caballero Home Video)
Careless (Plum Productions)
Catfighting 7 (Student Fetish)
Caught from Behind 18 (Filmco Releasing)
Cheap Shots (Unknown)
Cheerleader Nurses (VCA)
Cliff Banger (Heatwave)
Coming Out (Vidco Entertainment)
Deja Vu (Xcitement Video)
Designer Bodies (Vivid)
Diary of Casanova (Sin City)
Dick and Jane Go to Hollywood 1 (Avica Entertainment)
Ding Dung School (Prestige Video)
Diva (Xcitement Video)
Dolce e Perversa (Stars Pictures)
Double Load 2 (Heatwave)
Eclipse (Sin City)
Enema 11 (Student Fetish)
Enemates 8 (Prestige Video)
Essence Of A Woman (Total Video)
Fantasy Exchange (Vivid)
Foot Hold (Prestige Video)
Footworship 9 (Prestige Video)
From a Whisper to a Scream (Gourmet Video Collection)
Girlz n the Hood 3 (Heatwave)
Harlots (Midnight Video)
Hot Tight Asses 3 (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
Jam (Pleasure Productions)
Kadillac And DeVell (Zane Entertainment Group)
Last Anal Hero (Bedtime Theatre)
Latex Submission 2 (Bizarre Video)
Mindshadows 2 (Fat Dog)
My Way (Caballero Home Video)
Nookie of the Year (Heatwave)
Obey Me Bitch (Bizarre Video)
Obey Me Bitch 2 (Bizarre Video)
Obey Me Bitch 3 (Bizarre Video)
Obey Me Bitch 4 (Bizarre Video)
Ona Zee's Sex Academy 1 (Ona Zee Presents)
Orgy (Glitz Video)
Orgy 2 (Glitz Video)
Orgy 3 (Executive Video)
Other Side of Chelsea (Xcitement Video)
Panties (Vidco Entertainment)
Porn in the Pen (Legend Video)
Proposta oscena (Grand'Idea)
Quantum Deep (Heatwave)
Rainwoman 6 (Coast To Coast)
Raunch 7 (Coast To Coast)
Reason to Die (Pepper Productions)
Rising Buns (Heatwave)
Rituals (Sin City)
Sex Becomes Her (Unknown)
Shayla's Home Repair (Erotic Video Network)
Smart Ass Returns (Sin City)
Sparxx (Midnight Video)
Split Decision (Fat Dog)
Star Struck (Flame Video)
Sticky Lips (Executive Video)
Stroke Play (Prestige Video)
Tales From The Backside (VCA)
Tales Of Tribeca (Heatwave)
Twin Peaks (Pleasure Productions)
Ultimate Surrender of a Slave...The Final Bond (Bizarre Video)
Virtual Reality (Executive Video)
Voices in My Bed (Vivid)
Voluptuous (Caballero Home Video)
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