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Also known as
Miss Sharon Kane, Sharron Kane, Elizabeth Loy, Shirley McGuire, Karen Kane, Sharon Kain, Sharon Caine, Alice Wray, Shirley Woods, Shirley Wood, Sharon Cane, Sharon Cain, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Holmes, Sheri Vaughan, Sharon Maiberg
January 1, 1970 (53 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
Canton, Ohio
Hair color
168cm (5 ft 6 in)
58kg (128 lbs)
Rose on left breast (since sometime in the 90's)
Audition For Submission (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Babes Ballin Boys 5 (Pleasure Productions)
Bi Ball Suckers (Caballero Home Video)
Bi Norma Jean (Sunshine Films)
Bi Tanic (Pleasure Productions)
Bondage Artist (Harmony Concepts)
Bondage Nudes In Love (Harmony Concepts)
Bondage Ranch (Harmony Concepts)
Burglary And Bondage (Harmony Concepts)
Caper Cats (HOM)
Chain Gang (Sunshine Films)
Dark Secrets (Sin City)
Director, The Thief, The Actress, And The Rogue (Harmony Concepts)
Doomsday (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Fallen Angels (II) (L.B.O. Entertainment)
High Heeled Tramps (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Interview With A Goddess (Elegant Angel)
Lesbians Unleashed (Bizarre Video)
Man-made Pussy (Heads Or Tails)
New Girl On The Block (Harmony Concepts)
Nightmare Noir (Spunky Spur)
Nude Bondage International (Harmony Concepts)
Nude Bondage Maid Service (Harmony Concepts)
Nude Bondage Online (Harmony Concepts)
Nude Bondage Personal Ad (Harmony Concepts)
Nude Bondage Real Time (Harmony Concepts)
Nude Bondage Rehab (Harmony Concepts)
Nude Bondage Tea Party (Harmony Concepts)
Recording Studio Bondagettes (Harmony Concepts)
Remembering Irvin Klaw 2 (Harmony Concepts)
Rocked Into Submission (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Sharon Kane's Guide to Great Lovemaking (AVC)
Sharon's Afternoon Delight (Harmony Concepts)
Sharon's Nude Bondage Maid (Harmony Concepts)
She Likes Them Naked And Tied (Harmony Concepts)
She-Male of the Year (Blue Studios)
She-Males are Wild (Sunshine Films)
Stomper Room (IBN)
Take This Job And Stomp It (
Tie Me, Top Me (Harmony Concepts)
Tina Tyler's Favorites 2: Lesbian Lick-a-thon (Odyssey)
Transparent (All Worlds)
Transsexual Sluts in Action 2 (Bizarre Video)
Transsexual Temptations (Bizarre Video)
Violation of Chandler (JM Productions)
Wet Panty Spankers (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Winner's Pleasure (Harmony Concepts)
Workplace Diversions (Harmony Concepts)
All About She-Males (Blue Sands)
Audition (II) (Harmony Concepts)
Babes Ballin Boys 1 (Pleasure Productions)
Bathroom Babes (Sunshine Films)
Best Butt in the West 4 (Coast To Coast)
Bi Bi Lovers (Sunshine Films)
Bi-hard (Sunshine Films)
Bite (Sunshine Films)
Blue Bunny Caper (Leoram Inc)
Bridal Shower (Femme Productions)
Catching the Cross Dresser (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Crossdresser (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Crossing The Color Line (New Age Pictures)
Dirk Yates' Private Amateur Collection 85 (Dirk Yates Video)
Don't Mess With The Mistress (London Enterprises)
Ellen DeLesbian (Erotic Video Network)
Figure Training Bondage (Harmony Concepts)
First Bi's Club (Pleasure Productions)
Fly Bi Night (All Worlds)
For Her Pleasure (Harmony Concepts)
Greta Carlson's Slave Trade (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Humiliated (L.B.O. Entertainment)
I Dream Of Queenie (Soho Video)
I Scream for Genie (London Enterprises)
Inquiring Star: Men into Women (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Learning The Ropes (Harmony Concepts)
Many Ways Of Discipline (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Master Of Ecstasy (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Neighborhood Snoop (Harmony Concepts)
New Wave Hookers 5 (VCA)
Night of the Living Bi-dolls (Catalina Video Distributors)
Persona (Video Team)
Playing with the Plumber (Harmony Concepts)
Queen Of Dominance (London Enterprises)
Rich Man's She-Male (Blue Coral Video)
Severe Solutions (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Sex for Hire 2 (Ona Zee Presents)
She-Male in Charge (Sunshine Films)
She-Males Down Under (Leoram Inc)
She-Males Exposed (Sunshine Films)
Shoe Shine Girls (Erotic Video Network)
Slave Trade (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Slave Traders (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Strip For The Whip (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Teach Me Please (Harmony Concepts)
Timeless (VCA)
Training for Torment (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Tranimal Instinct (Sunshine Films)
Transient (Sunshine Films)
Transmissions (Sunshine Films)
Trespassers Will Be Punished (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Unforgettable 1: Recalling Irvin Klaw (Harmony Concepts)
Wall To Wall 2 (Unknown)
Bi Friends (Bacchus Releasing)
Borrowed Bodies (Coast To Coast)
Channel 69 1 (Coast To Coast)
Channel 69 2 (Coast To Coast)
Chronicles Of Pain 3 (Bizarre Video)
Cinderella In Chains 2 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Dance To The Whip (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Defiance: Art Of Spanking (Bizarre Video)
Domina 2: Every Inch A Lady (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Domina 4 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Domina 6 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Domina 8 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Dreams of Desire (Astral Ocean Cinema)
Gender Trans-scender (Blue Coral Video)
Generation Sex 1: The Gallery (Video Team)
Hill Have Bi's (Unknown)
Hollywood Confidential (II) (New Twist Productions)
House On Paradise Beach (Blue Coyote Pictures)
Hung Riders 2: The Heat is On (Catalina Video Distributors)
If You Can't Lick 'em... Join 'em (Bacchus Releasing)
In By Midnight (Midnight Video)
Karen Dior's She-Male Call Girls (Unknown)
Kiss of the Whip (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 8 (Bizarre Video)
Lipstick Lesbians 2 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Mistress Kane: Lessons In Terror (Bizarre Video)
Mistress Kane: Town in Torment (Bizarre Video)
Mixed Apples (Midnight Men)
NYPD Trannie (Blue Coral Video)
Release Me (Video Team)
Rockhard (Coast To Coast)
Saki's Bedtime Stories (Filmco Releasing)
Scope (Vivid)
Secret Ambition (Harmony Concepts)
Sexual Healing (Sin City)
Sharon's Painful Persuasion (L.B.O. Entertainment)
She-Male Instinct (Blue Coral Video)
She-Male Nymphos (Karen Dior Collection)
She-Male Seduction (Karen Dior Collection)
She-Male Sex Toys 5 (Leoram Inc)
She-Male She-Devils (Bizarre Video)
Shock: Latex 2 (VCA)
Submissive Exposure Profile 5: Keli Thomas (Star Maker Video)
Tickled Lover's Tease (Harmony Concepts)
To Bi For (Pleasure Productions)
Tranny (Sunshine Films)
Transsexual Game Show (Blue Coral Video)
Transsexual Submission 1 (Bizarre Video)
TV's In Leather And Pain (Bizarre Video)
Ultimate Fantasy (Metro)
Viet Tran (L.B.O. Entertainment)
AWOL (Sinclair Blue)
Best of Both Worlds 2 (Unknown)
Bi For Now (Bi Line)
Bi Now Pay Later (Pleasure Productions)
Bi TV (Heatwave)
Bi-Conflict (Forum Studios)
Bimbo Boys (Pleasure Productions)
Body and Soul 2 (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Bondage Biography Of Saki (Unknown)
Catwalk 1 (Sin City)
Catwalk 2 (Sin City)
Coming Out Bi (Metro)
Compulsive Behaviour (Odyssey)
Contract (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Cult of the Whip (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Debutante Training (Dungeon Video International)
Diary of a Tormented TV (Bizarre Video)
Dragon Lady (Sticky Video)
Dream Bound (B & D Pleasures)
Dungeon Dementia (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Dungeon Drag Queens (Bean Blossom)
Dungeon Queens (Bizarre Video)
Finger Pleasures 5 (Pleasure Productions)
Flame's Bondage Bash (Bizarre Video)
Greta's Confessions (London Enterprises)
Interview With the She-Male (Pleasure Productions)
Kidnapped by Pirates (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 29 (Red Board Video)
Little Red Riding Hood (Metro)
Man In Chains (Unknown)
Masked And Hooded (Star Maker Video)
Once A Slave (HOM)
Painful Secrets Of A TV (Bizarre Video)
Picture Me Bound (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Remembering Times Gone Bi (Channel 1 Releasing)
Saki's Private Party (Totally Tasteless)
Secret Games (B & D Pleasures)
Secret Sex 3: The Take Over (Catalina Video Distributors)
Sex and Romance (Coastline)
Sex Freaks (Evil Angel)
She Male Adventures 3 (Bizarre Video)
She Males in Torment 3 (Bizarre Video)
She-Male Sex Toys 2 (Leoram Inc)
Sizzling She-Males (Metro)
Switch Hitters 8 (Metro)
Switch Hitters 9 (Metro)
Transexual Revenge (Bizarre Video)
Women On Top (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Wrath Of Kane (B & D Pleasures)
4 Bi 4 (Bi Now Productions)
Anal Arsenal (Bedtime Theatre)
Be Careful What You Wish For (Visual Images)
Bi 'n Large (Bi Line)
Bi Bi Birdie (Bi Line)
Bi Chill (Bi Line)
Bi Linguist (Legend Video)
Bi Valley (Bi Line)
Bi Wicked (Bi Now Productions)
Bi Witched (CDI Home Video)
Bi-laddin (Bi Now Productions)
Bi-ology: The Making of Mr. Right (Catalina Video Distributors)
Bi-sexual Anal (Adult Enrichment)
Bi-sexual Therapy (Unknown)
Both My Lovers (Unknown)
Chain Gang (Odyssey)
Company Business (London Enterprises)
Conflict Of Interest (Forum Studios)
Contract For Service (New Twist Productions)
Days Gone Bi (Bi Now Productions)
Designing She-Males (Heads Or Tails)
Dirty Doc's House Calls 13 (Las Vegas Video)
Dominatrix Supreme 14 (Bizarre Video)
Dominique Goes Bi (Stallion Video)
Foot Client (Sinclair Blue)
Forbidden Forest (B & D Pleasures)
Geranalmo (Pleasure Productions)
Girls Just Wanna Have Girls 3 (Hole In One Video)
House of Sex 16: Cum Inside Sahron Kane's Mouth (BHS Video)
Hung Riders (Catalina Video Distributors)
In Miss Appleby's Face (California Wildcats)
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell (Bizarre Video)
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 2 (Bizarre Video)
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 3 (Bizarre Video)
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 4 (Bizarre Video)
Lusty Ladies (Unknown)
Maidens of Servitude 1 (Star Maker Video)
Maidens of Servitude 2: Obeisance (Star Maker Video)
Maidens of Servitude 3: Jealous Bind (Star Maker Video)
Miss Bondwell's Reformatory (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Misty's First Whipping (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Never Say Never (Sin City)
No Man's Land 9 (Video Team)
Panties, Girdles And Panty-girdles (Harmony Concepts)
Party Partners (Stallion Video)
Restrained By Desire (New Twist Productions)
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (VCA)
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (new) (VCA)
Revenge of the Bi Dolls (Catalina Video Distributors)
Ron Hightower's White Chicks 6 (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Runaway Slaves (Unknown)
Secret Diary (Taylor Wane)
Secret Lives (Sin City)
Semper Bi (Pepper Productions)
She-Male Encounters 21: Psychic She-Males (Metro)
She-Male Service (Heads Or Tails)
She-Male Trouble (Heads Or Tails)
She-Male Voyager (Unknown)
Sniff Doggystyle (Pleasure Productions)
Spiked Heel Diaries 1 (Bizarre Video)
Spiked Heel Diaries 2 (Bizarre Video)
Stranger at the Backdoor (Coast To Coast)
Strap-On Anal Attitude (Sigma Cum Laude)
Succulent Toes (Star Maker Video)
Tantric Guide To Sexual Potency (Video Team)
Taxi Girls 4 (Caballero Home Video)
TV Dildo Fantasy 2 (Bizarre Video)
TV Nation (Unknown)
TV Nation 2 (Unknown)
Weekend In Bondage (Bizarre Video)
Wendy's Bi Experience (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Where The Bi's Are (Bi Now Productions)
Bad Boys' Punishment (Bizarre Video)
Banana Slits (Star Maker Video)
Bare Bottom Treatment (Red Board Video)
Be Mine Forever (Harmony Concepts)
Bi Anonymous (Winners Media Group, Inc.)
Bi-ologist (Bi Line)
Birthday Present For Mistress Stephanie (Harmony Concepts)
Buffy Malibu's Nasty Girls 4 (Anabolic Video)
Cheerleader Nurses (VCA)
Decent Proposal (Winners Media Group, Inc.)
Education Of A Dominatrix (HOM)
Exposed (HOM)
Firm (Midnight Video)
For Sale Bi Owner (Heatwave)
French Invasion (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Gangbang Girl 10 (Anabolic Video)
House of Torture (Dungeon Video International)
How To Tie A Lady (Harmony Concepts)
Humbled Husband (Harmony Concepts)
I Wanna Be A Lesbian (Unknown)
If You're Nasty (Pleasure Productions)
Incredible Dreams (Bizarre Video)
Incredible Dreams 2 (Bizarre Video)
Jailhouse Cock (In-X-Cess Productions)
Kinky Lesbians 2 (Bizarre Video)
Latex Submission 2 (Bizarre Video)
Maiden Heaven 2 (Midnight Video)
Mistresses At War 2 (Bizarre Video)
No Man's Land 7 (Video Team)
Obey Me Bitch (Bizarre Video)
Obey Me Bitch 2 (Bizarre Video)
Obey Me Bitch 3 (Bizarre Video)
Obey Me Bitch 4 (Bizarre Video)
Positive Positions (new) (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Possessions (Heatwave)
Power Dykes (Bizarre Video)
Purple Rubber (Unknown)
Scared Stiff (B & D Pleasures)
Sharon Kane TV Tamer (Bizarre Video)
She-Male Encounters 22: She-Male Mystique (Metro)
She-Male Shenanigans (He/She Studios)
Sluts in Slavery (L.B.O. Entertainment)
SM TV 2 (Unknown)
Sorority Sex Kittens 1 (VCA)
Stolen Kisses 2 (Harmony Concepts)
Stolen Kisses and Ballerina Dreams (Harmony Concepts)
Story Of Pain (August West)
Strange Night On Earth (Pepper Productions)
Stroke At Midnight (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Sweet Tarts (Star Maker Video)
Tight Ropes (Harmony Concepts)
Toys Bi Us (Bi Line)
Transitions (II) (He/She Studios)
TV Parties Tonight (Heatwave)
Valley of the Bi Dolls (Catalina Video Distributors)
Women (Catalina Video Distributors)
Assumed Innocence (Arrow Productions)
Bi And Busty (Stallion Video)
Bi Intruder (Stallion Video)
Bi Medicine (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Big Switch 3: Bachelor Party (Catalina Video Distributors)
Black Balled (Zane Entertainment Group)
Bondage in the Bastille (London Enterprises)
Catalina 69 (Arrow Productions)
Climb To The Sex-dome 3 (Eye Shadow Productions)
Crossing Over (Metro)
Dial 666 Lust (Arrow Productions)
Fine Line (Soho Video)
Four Alarm (Essex Video / Electric Hollywood)
Girls Gone Bad 3 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Girls Gone Bad 4 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Girls in Heat (Zane Entertainment Group)
Girls Like Us (Metro)
Godmother (All Worlds)
Good Vibrations 1 (Video Team)
Happy Endings (Prestige Video)
Introducing Tracey Wynn (Pleasure Productions)
Juicy Lips (Pleasure Productions)
Ladies In Combat (Prestige Video)
Last X-rated Movie 2 (Command Video)
Last X-rated Movie 3 (Command Video)
Last X-rated Movie 4 (Command Video)
Leg Ends 4 (Prestige Video)
Lesbo A Go-go (Valley Girl Video)
Making of Christina (Harmony Concepts)
Other Side of Debbie (Coast To Coast)
Pump It Up (Las Vegas Video)
Return To Camp Beaverlake (Arrow Productions)
Robin Head (Coast To Coast)
She-Male Spirits in the Night (VCA)
Sinderella's Revenge (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Slow Burn (VCA)
Stairway to Paradise (VCA)
Stasha's Diary (CDI Home Video)
Terrors of the Inquisition (Unknown)
Tracy Starbound (B & D Pleasures)
Transsexual Trouble (Cinderella)
Untamed Passion (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Wet Kisses (new) (Unknown)
Adultery (CDI Home Video)
Angels Bi Day Devils Bi Night (Filmco Releasing)
Bad Day at the Office (California Wildcats)
Betrayed into Bondage (HOM)
Bi 'n Sell (VCA)
Big Tease 2 (VCA)
Bound To Be Punk (Home Maid)
Changing Partners (Fantasy Home Video)
Club Lez (In Hand Video)
Date with the Devil (CDI Home Video)
Dirty Lingerie (Vidco Entertainment)
Discipline Experts (HOM)
Earth Girls Are Sleazy (Soho Video)
Earthquake Girls (Coast To Coast)
Eliminators (Prestige Video)
Enemates 3 (Prestige Video)
Femmes On Fire (VCA)
Finely Back (In Hand Video)
Finer Things In Life (In Hand Video)
Forced Love (Las Vegas Video)
Girls Club (VCA)
Great Balls On Fire (CDI Home Video)
Heartthrob (CDI Home Video)
Hyperkink (Vidway)
I Ream A Genie (Trans Global)
In the Heat of the Night (CDI Home Video)
Juice Box (Arrow Productions)
Karen's Bi-line (Soho Video)
Kit Kat Club (Valley Girl Video)
L.A. Fantasies (Western Visuals)
Last X-rated Movie 1 (Command Video)
Love Shack (Coast To Coast)
Madison: A Girl's Best Friend (Valley Girl Video)
Midnight Fire (Pure Class)
Mistake (Curtis Dupont Productions)
More Of A Man (All Worlds)
Nasty Nurse (Tao)
New Barbarians 1 (VCA)
New Barbarians 2 (VCA)
Night Dreams 3 (VCA)
Night Temptress (Pure Class)
Oral Support (Venus 99)
Painted (In Hand Video)
Party Doll (VCA)
Pointers (Las Vegas Video)
Prisoners Of Treachery (HOM)
Pyromaniac (Soho Video)
Ravaged (CDI Home Video)
Renegade (CDI Home Video)
Sea of Desire (Eruption)
Secret (Soho Video)
Secret Recipe (In Hand Video)
Sharon Kane Starbound (B & D Pleasures)
Silver Tongue (Caballero Home Video)
Slave Training (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Smooth and Easy (X-ceptional Video)
Swap (Vivid)
Sweet Seduction (Las Vegas Video)
Swinger's Ink (VCA)
Switch Hitters 5 (Metro)
Tattle Tails (Essex Video / Electric Hollywood)
Tax Trouble (California Wildcats)
Theatre Of Seduction 1 (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Theatre Of Seduction 2 (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Toe Job (Unknown)
Transexual 6900 (Las Vegas Video)
Trisexual Encounters 10 (Pleasure Productions)
Trisexual Encounters 12 (Pleasure Productions)
Val Gals (In Hand Video)
Villa De Sade (Unknown)
Worthy Women (All Worlds)
America's Most Wanted Girl (Metro)
Big Tease 1 (VCA)
Big Thrill (Vidco Entertainment)
Blowing In Style (Evil Angel)
Bodies in Heat 2 (Dreamland Entertainment)
Bring on the Virgins (Caballero Home Video)
Call Girls in Action (Metro)
De Blonde (Evil Angel)
Debbie Class Of 89 (Coast To Coast)
Diaries Of Fire And Ice 1 (VCA)
Diaries of Fire and Ice 2 (VCA)
Dirty Movies (Vidco Entertainment)
Dreams Bi-night (Pleasure Productions)
Dump Site (Prestige Video)
Entertainment Bi-night (Pleasure Productions)
Firestorm 3 (Command Video)
Girls Gone Bad 1 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Girls Gone Bad 2 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Girls of Porn (Unknown)
Girls Who Dig Girls 18 (Wet Video)
Girls Who Dig Girls 19 (Wet Video)
Girls Will Be Girls (Las Vegas Video)
Good Stuff (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Good Things Come In Small Packages (Caballero Home Video)
Head Coeds Society (Video Team)
I Do 1 (Vivid)
Illicit Affairs (Vidco Entertainment)
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (In Hand Video)
Jaded (4-Play Video)
Joined (In Hand Video)
Kinky Business 2 (Dreamland Entertainment)
Lace (Erotic Impulse)
Leather (Video Team)
Leather and Lace (Video Team)
Little Miss Dangerous (Soho Video)
Love Nest (Caballero Home Video)
Mystery of the Golden Lotus (Pure Class)
Perils Of Paula (Caballero Home Video)
Phantom of the Cabaret 1 (VCA)
Phantom of the Cabaret 2 (VCA)
Positive Positions (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Power Blonde (AVC)
Real Magnolias (All Worlds)
Red Hot Fire Girls (Vidco Entertainment)
Rock 'n Roll Heaven (Evil Angel)
Saturday Night Special (Dreamland Entertainment)
Separated (In Hand Video)
Sex About Town (Las Vegas Video)
Sharon And Karen (Las Vegas Video)
She-Males Undercover (Stallion Video)
Sorority Pink 1 (VCX)
Sorority Pink 2 (Metro)
Splendor In The Ass (Caballero Home Video)
Swing Shift (Pleasure Productions)
Tanya Foxx Starbound (B & D Pleasures)
Trans Europe Express (VCA)
Triangle (Vivid)
What's Love Got To Do With It (Western Visuals)
White Slavery (London Video/Lyndon Distributors)
Who Shaved Cassie Nova (Executive Video)
Who Shaved Lynn LeMay (Executive Video)
Wicked Sensations 2 (Dreamland Entertainment)
Wild Heart (Metro)
Young Girls in Tight Jeans (Vidco Entertainment)
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