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Also known as
Anastacia Pierce, Anastasia, Anna, Franchesca Frankfurter (, Mistress Anastacia
January 1, 1970 (52 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
La Chaux-de Fonds, Switzerland
178cm (5 ft 10 in)
59kg (130 lbs)
Right foot
Adventures of Nurse Lick 13 (Starr Productions)
Anastasia Pierce (JB Video)
Bips Chixxx 1 (B & D Pleasures)
Bips Chixxx 3 (B & D Pleasures)
Bondage Selections 38 (California Star)
Booty Camp (Hot Body Video Magazine)
Both Women Were Bound and Gagged (FM Concepts)
Bound For Danger 2 (Anton)
Busty And Bound 3 (Anton)
Cafe Desire (Danni Ashe)
Double Trouble (III) (B & D Pleasures)
Double Wrapped Girl Friends (FM Concepts)
Foot Slave Interviews (Dorothy Laine Productions)
Forbidden Latex 2 (Gothic Media)
Girlfriends 1 (Jewell Marceau)
Gorgeous Chloroformed Women (FM Concepts)
Hospital 2 (Gothic Media)
Jim Malibu's Pure Pussy 8 (Avalon Enterprises)
Knocked Out Beauties 10 (Anton)
Knocked Out Beauties 14 (Anton)
Knocked Out Beauties 8 (Anton)
Knocked Out Tied Up 24 (Anton)
Knocked Out Tied Up 27 (Anton)
Knocked Out Tied Up 28 (Anton)
Lady Ass Lickers 19 (Mother Productions/Fetish Films)
Latex Diaries (Gothic Media)
Latex Possessions (Sunset Media)
Latex Prisoners (Gothic Media)
Latex Therapy 1 (Gothic Media)
Latex Therapy 2 (Gothic Media)
Medical Supervision (Close-up Concepts)
Mistress Anastacia and Her Latex Beauties 1 (Sunset Media)
Mistress Anastacia and Her Latex Beauties 2 (Sunset Media)
Mistress Gemini's Pet 3 (B & D Pleasures)
Mistress Gemini's Tortured Pet 2 (B & D Pleasures)
Painful Employment (California Star)
Pay Back Time (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Perfect Slave: Helpless To Cum (B & D Pleasures)
Poolside Perversion (B & D Pleasures)
Ransom 1 (Peach)
Renter's Revenge 2 (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Rubber Masquerade 1 (Sunset Media)
Rubber Passion 1 (Sunset Media)
Rubber Passion 2 (Sunset Media)
Rubberella: Fetish Queen (Gwen Media)
Sadistic Lust (B & D Pleasures)
SeXXXing (Danni Ashe)
Sexy Bondage 6 (Anton)
Sinful Training: The Initiation (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Smokin' Babes (Bon Vue Enterprises)
Stripnotized 18 (Anton)
Stripnotized 19 (Anton)
Stripnotized 20 (Anton)
Stripped Bare for Bondage (FM Concepts)
Submission 1 (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Talia Monet Bondage Legend (B & D Pleasures)
Taylor St. Claire Dominatrix (Bizarre Video)
Tickled Tarts (Bon Vue Enterprises)
AAA Bondage Company 9 (Cwoody Videos)
Adventures of National Pride (Close-up Concepts)
Behind Closed Doors (California Star)
Bob's Video 191 (Bob's Video)
Bondage Zone 5 (Anton)
Bound By Beauty (Bizarre Video)
Busty Bound Beauties (Harmony Concepts)
Chloroformed 2 (Anton)
Club Latex (Sunset Media)
College Reunion (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
D'Arby Bondage Legend (B & D Pleasures)
Dirty Little Ass Sniffers In Bondage (B & D Pleasures)
Dominion Of A Dominatrix (Bizarre Video)
Fetish Fairy Tails 1 (Starr Productions)
He Makes Her Cum (Close-up Concepts)
Heavy Rubber 1 (Gwen Media)
Heavy Rubber 2 (Gwen Media)
Her First Lesbian Sex 3 (Pink Visual)
Hogtied Victims of Evil Minds (FM Concepts)
Hooded Torments (Gwen Media)
House of Latex (Gothic Media)
Jet Lag (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Kloset Klaw and Lingerie (Harmony Concepts)
Knock Out Bondage 11 (Anton)
Knock Out Bondage 12 (Anton)
Knock Out Bondage 13 (Anton)
Knock Out Bondage 14 (Anton)
Knock Out Bondage 15 (Anton)
Knock Out Bondage 16 (Anton)
Knock Out Bondage 9 (Anton)
Knocked Out Beauties 6 (Anton)
Knocked Out Beauties 7 (Anton)
La Marquis De Sade (Sunset Media)
Lair Of Latex (Gothic Media)
Latex Slaves 1 (Gothic Media)
Lesbian Control (Bizarre Video)
Lesbian Latex 1 (Gothic Media)
Mind Control 1 (Gwen Media)
Mind Control 2 (Gwen Media)
Mind Control 3 (Gwen Media)
Nikki Benz's Foot Fetish Fantasies (Bizarre Video)
Pantyhose Bondage 4 (Anton)
Part Time 6 (Gwen Media)
Perfect Gift (California Star)
Pussy Party 10 (Pure Play Media)
Reign Of Rubber (Sunset Media)
Renter's Revenge 1 (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Robbed, Gagged and Hogtied (FM Concepts)
Rubber Lovers 1 (Gothic Media)
Rubber Military (Sunset Media)
Rubber Mistress (Gothic Entertainment)
Rubber Sanitarium (Sunset Media)
Rubberella: Confined (Gwen Media)
Sexual Slavery (Gothic Media)
Slave Sacrifice (Bizarre Video)
Slave Surrender (Bizarre Video)
Slave Trade 1 (Anton)
Slave Trade 2 (Anton)
Slave Trade 3 (Anton)
Sleepy Seduction 2 (Anton)
Sole Desires (Bizarre Video)
Spy Who Tied Me 2 (Anton)
Stripnotized 16 (Anton)
Superheroines In Jeopardy 4 (Anton)
Superheroines In Jeopardy 5 (Anton)
Teacher's Pet 1 (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Teacher's Pet 2 (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
Tied For Torment (Anton)
Tied For Torment 2 (Anton)
Ultra-hot Orgasms (Close-up Concepts)
Unconscious 3 (Anton)
Vampire Sisters (Bleu Productions)
X-treme Rubber Girls (Gothic Media)
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