Ed Hunter

Ed Hunter
No data.
Also known as
Doug Shepherd, Drago, Johan, Mark Slade, Ted Hunter, Tom Crude
January 1, 1970 (53 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
193cm (6 ft 3 in)
109kg (240 lbs)
Anal Extreme 1 (Annäka)
Aphrodisiacs (Metro)
Avena X-tra Edition 2 (Tight Ends)
Barbie's Porno Party (Fat Dog)
Boobcage 2 (Roy Alexandre Productions)
Born For Porn 2 (Pleasure Productions)
California Reamers (VCA)
Cock Hounds 3 (Soho Video)
College Coed Strippers (Sunshine Films)
Cum Stoppers 11 (Legend Video)
Deep Oral Ladies 2 (Annäka)
Dirty Dreamers 1 (Elegant Angel)
Dirty Dreamers 2: Mind Fuckers (Elegant Angel)
El Nino's Revenge (Odyssey)
First Time Ever 6 (Prime Video Productions)
Fresh Hot Babes 10: Fresh Pussy University (West Coast Productions)
L.A. Uncovered (Sunshine Films)
Live Sex Now.com 6 (Odyssey)
MH Home Video 486: Cum In My Mouth 14 (Mike Hott)
MH Home Video 497: Cum Cocktails 2 (Mike Hott)
More Precious Than Gold (VCA)
News Action (L.B.O. Entertainment)
North Pole 4 (New Sensations)
Open Wide (Vivid)
Oriental Delights (Metro)
Pickup Lines 25 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 27 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 34 (Odyssey)
Public Affairs (Pleasure Productions)
Pussyman Goes to College (Odyssey)
Put Out Or Get Out (Soho Video)
Real Sex Magazine 12 (Legend Video)
Rectal Rooters (Amazing)
Rich Wives Club (Fleshtone Productions)
Ripe Cherry Cheerleaders (Legend Video)
Rx For Sex 1 (X-traordinary)
S.M.U.T. 3: Tricks 'n Treats (Elegant Angel)
S.M.U.T. 4: Devil Thumbed A Ride (Elegant Angel)
S.M.U.T. 5: Rode Hard and Put Away Wet (Elegant Angel)
S.M.U.T. 6: Coed Dropouts (Elegant Angel)
Sex Fights (Jet Set Productions)
Sex Offenders 4 (Wicked Pictures)
Shooting Star (Fleshtone Productions)
Slut Woman 1 (Elegant Angel)
SOS Video Magazine 3 (Fat Dog)
Special Delivery (Wicked Pictures)
Sweat Shop 1 (Fat Dog)
Sweet Rides 2 (Venus Productions)
Tattoo (Adam & Eve)
Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11 (Odyssey)
Wet Spots 1 (Elegant Angel)
Wild 'n Wet (Pleasure Productions)
America's 10 Most Wanted 1 (Odyssey)
America's 10 Most Wanted 2 (Odyssey)
Anal Intruder 11 (Coast To Coast)
Bad Girls 2 (Video Team)
Best Butt in the West 4 (Coast To Coast)
Blondes Behaving Badly (Zulu/Sinbad Productions)
Boobtown Brats 2 (Blue Coyote Pictures)
Cock Hounds 2 (Soho Video)
College Maidens 4 (Heatwave)
Coming to Beverly Hills 1 (Silver Star Video)
Confessions (Video Team)
Crack Shot (Coast To Coast)
Cunt Hounds 2 (Soho Video)
Cunt Hunt 1 (Sin City)
Cunt Hunt 2 (Sin City)
Decoy (Sin City)
Face Cream Frenzy (Unknown)
Generation Sex 3: Private Showing (Video Team)
Generation Sex 4: Cyberotic (Video Team)
Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 2 (Celestial)
Impact (Grand Visions)
Intense Perversions 6 (Heatseeker Productions)
Lost Weekend (Sin City)
Opie Goes Surfing (Outlaw Productions)
Persona (Video Team)
Phantom Lover (CDI Home Video)
Pickup Lines 11 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 13 (Odyssey)
Pickup Lines 18 (Odyssey)
Pretty Anal Ladies 3 (Annäka)
Pussy Burglar (Unknown)
Rayven: What A Fucking Whore (CDI Home Video)
Real Sex Magazine 2 (Filmco Releasing)
Real Sex Magazine 4 (Filmco Releasing)
Red Hot Redheads (Channel 69)
Reel People 12 (Plum Productions)
Reel People 14 (Plum Productions)
Rock Hard (Sin City)
Seduction of Jill Kelly (Video Team)
Sex Files (Las Vegas Video)
SexHibition 5 (Sunshine Films)
Sexit to Eden (Aabsolute)
Sid Deuced By The Night (Zane Entertainment Group)
Sinful (Executive Video)
Sleazy Rider (Raw Silk)
Smoke and Mirrors (Pleasure Productions)
Smoking (Coast To Coast)
Spinners 3: Spin Crazy (Wicked Pictures)
Studio-X (Coast To Coast)
Twinz and Twats (Aabsolute)
Two Lays In The Valley (CDI Home Video)
Ultimate Pleasure (Legend Video)
Undercover (VCA)
Up And Cummers 38 (4-Play Video)
Waterbabies 3 (Coast To Coast)
Wet Cotton Panties 1 (CDI Home Video)
Wet Cotton Panties 2 (CDI Home Video)
Women in Uniform (Aabsolute)
40 Something And Still Hot (Unknown)
9-ball (Pleasure Productions)
Addictive Desires (Odyssey)
American Pie (Vivid)
Apocalypse Climax 1 (Private)
Apocalypse Climax 2 (Private)
Arrowhead (Private)
Ass Busters (Vidmax)
Backdoor Bradys (Pleasure Productions)
Bare Ass in the Park (Pepper Productions)
Big One (Filmco Releasing)
Booby Prize (Pepper Productions)
Busty Nymphos (Big Top Video)
Catching Snapper (Unknown)
Cold As Ice (Metro)
Compulsive Behaviour (Odyssey)
Dance Naked (Pepper Productions)
Decadent Obsession (Odyssey)
Devil in Miss Jones 5 (VCA)
Doll House (Metro)
Exstasy (Western Visuals)
Firecrackers (Heatwave)
Fixing A Hole (Excitement Video)
FleXXX 3 (Video Team)
FleXXX 4 (Video Team)
Foreskin Gump (Legend Video)
Gang Bang Bitches 5 (Plum Productions)
Gang Bang Bitches 6 (Plum Productions)
Gang Bang Bitches 8: Whitney's Saturday Night Gangbang (Plum Productions)
Gang Bang Bitches 9: Muffy's Country Club Gangbang (Plum Productions)
Great American Boobs To Kill For Dance Contest (Pepper Productions)
Humpkin Pie (Heatwave)
Indiscreet Video Magazine 2 (Sunshine Films)
Indiscreet Video Magazine 3 (Sunshine Films)
Kissing Kaylan (Coast To Coast)
Lady M's Anal Gang Bang (Filmco Releasing)
Legal Briefs (Executive Video)
Lust And Desire (Western Visuals)
Major Fucking Slut (Big)
More Than A Handful 6 (Metro)
My First Time 2 (Ooh La La)
Nothing Sacred (Legend Video)
Nude Awakenings (Plum Productions)
Oh My Gush (Odyssey)
Oldies But Goodies (New Sensations)
Opie Goes To South Central (Plum Productions)
Orgies Orgies Orgies (Western Visuals)
Passage To Pleasure (Legend Video)
Pearl of the Orient (Metro)
Pickup Lines the Movie (Odyssey)
Private Stories 1 (Private)
Private Video Magazine 26 (Private)
Reel People 10 (Plum Productions)
Reel People 11 (Plum Productions)
Rx for a Gang Bang (Zane Entertainment Group)
Sex Freaks (Evil Angel)
Shot In The Pants (Filmco Releasing)
Star Crossed (VCA)
Tail Taggers 129 (Western Visuals)
Talking Trash 2 (Heatwave)
Triple X 1 (Private)
Triple X 6 (Private)
Upbeat Love 2 (Metro)
Wanderer 2: Slippery When Wet (CDI Home Video)
Whackers (Plum Productions)
What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing In An Anal Movie (Fantastic Pictures)
Wicked WaXXX WorXXX (Heatwave)
Willie Wanker At The Sushi Bar (Fat Dog)
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