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Also known as
Debby Diamond, Josi Emerson, Debra Diamond, Debie Diamond, Debi Hanson, Shelli Rey, Deborah Diamond, Debi Dymond, Debbie Diamond, Debbi Diamond, Kaviar, Shelly Ray, Shelly Rey, Debra Ann Diamond
January 1, 1970 (53 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
San Fernando Valley, CA
183cm (6 ft)
57kg (126 lbs)
Left nostril
Small 'flash' right of mons; Star on top of right foot
Above The Knee (Vivid)
Addictive Desires (Odyssey)
After Midnight (Metro)
Anal Al's Adventures (Horne Boi Video)
Anal Babes (Passion Productions)
Anal Eruption (Nu-Tech Digital)
Anal Europe 8 (Unknown)
Anal Woman 3 (Pleasure Productions)
Artist (Filmco Releasing)
Ass Dweller (Vidmax)
Attic Toys (K-Beech Video)
Backing In 6 (Western Visuals)
Big Boob Ball (Unknown)
Boiling Point (Vivid)
Bun Masters (VCA)
Butt Jammers 4: Anal Overload (Sin City)
Butt X Files (Unknown)
Butthead Dreams: Mission Impenetrable (Factory Home Video)
Checkmate (Vivid)
Coming Attractions (Whip-pit)
Compulsive Behaviour (Odyssey)
Cumming Of Ass (Unknown)
Cunthunt (Horne Boi Video)
Debi Diamond's Dirty Dykes 1 (Fat Dog)
Debi Diamond's Dirty Dykes 2 (Fat Dog)
Debi Diamond: Mega Mistress (Bizarre Video)
Decadence (II) (Whip-pit)
Diamond Likes It Rough (B & D Pleasures)
Dirty Laundry 2 (Metro)
Dresden Diary 11: Endangered Secrets (Bizarre Video)
Dresden Diary 12 (Bizarre Video)
Extreme Sex 3: Wired (Vivid)
Extreme Sex 4: The Experiment (Vivid)
Fatal Illusion (Unknown)
Firecrackers (Heatwave)
First Time Ever 1 (Plush Entertainment)
Forbidden Pleasures (K-Beech Video)
Full Moon Fever (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Girl With the Heart-shaped Tattoo (Vivid)
Hollywood Backside 5 (Unknown)
Horny Henry's Snowballing Adventure (Totally Tasteless)
Hose Jobs (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Hotel Sodom 1 (Snatch Productions)
Hotel Sodom 8 (Snatch Productions)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 14 (Red Board Video)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 15 (Red Board Video)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 19 (Red Board Video)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 21 (Red Board Video)
Latex (VCA)
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 5 (Bizarre Video)
Maliboob Beach (Fantasy Home Video)
Misty Rain's Anal Orgy (Frontier Media)
Models, Etc. (Las Vegas Video)
No Man's Land 11 (Video Team)
Prisoners Of Pain (Bizarre Video)
Real TIckeTS 2 (VCA)
Reflections (Fat Dog)
Reservoir Bitches (Big)
Rumpman Caught In An Anal Avalanche (Heatwave)
Sapphire (K-Beech Video)
Sex 2 Fate (VCA)
Sex in Abissi (Vidmax)
Sex Lives of Clowns (VCA)
Shelby's Forbidden Fears (Bizarre Video)
Shock (Legend Video)
Simply Sex... Adults Only (Unknown)
Sluthunt 1 (Big)
Social Club (Legend Video)
Spiked Heel Diaries 3 (Bizarre Video)
Stuff Your Face 2 (JM Productions)
Talking Trash 1 (Heatwave)
Talking Trash 2 (Heatwave)
Training 2 (Bizarre Video)
Upbeat Love (Metro)
Vagina Beach (Factory Home Video)
Violation of Alexandria Dane (JM Productions)
Violation of Kia (JM Productions)
Violation of Rachel Love (JM Productions)
Wanted (Dreamland Entertainment)
Why Things Burn (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Wicked WaXXX WorXXX (Heatwave)
Wild Breed (Sin City)
Wild Dreams (Venus 99)
Willing And Wilder (B & D Pleasures)
10000 Anal Maniacs 2: The D.P. Years (Forbidden Films)
All the President's Women (Las Vegas Video)
Anal Mystique (Executive Video)
Anal Persuasion (Executive Video)
Anal Secrets (Metro)
Analizer (Vidco Entertainment)
Bachelor Party 1 (Metro)
Bad Girls 1: Lockdown (Vivid)
Bad Girls 2: Strip Search (Vivid)
Beauties and the Beast (new) (Unknown)
Big Bang 2 (Las Vegas Video)
Black Butt Jungle (Moonlight Entertainment)
Buffy Malibu's Nasty Girls 6 (Anabolic Video)
Buffy Malibu's Nasty Girls 7 (Anabolic Video)
Butt Hunt (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Buttslammers 5 (Exquisite)
Buttslammers 6 (Exquisite)
Buttslammers 7 (Exquisite)
Candy Factory (Plush Entertainment)
Caught from Behind 19 (Filmco Releasing)
Centerfold Celebrities '94 2 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Close to the Edge (Vivid)
Covergirl (Wicked Pictures)
Creme De Femme (4-Play Video)
Debbie Does Dallas 20th Anniversary Edition (new) (Arrow Productions)
Debi Diamond's Dirty Panties (Unknown)
Depraved Fantasies 1 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Depraved Fantasies 2 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Desert Moon (Heatwave)
Dial A For Anal (Caballero Home Video)
Dinner Party 1 (Adam & Eve)
Dippy Longcocking (Heatwave)
Dirt Bags (Fantastic Pictures)
Dirty Doc's Butt Bangers 2 (Las Vegas Video)
Dirty Doc's Butt Bangers 6 (Las Vegas Video)
Dirty Panties (Sigma Cum Laude)
Doggie Style (Caballero Home Video)
Dollar And Yen (Factory Home Video)
DP2 The Mighty Phucks (Filmco Releasing)
Dr. Feelgood Sex Psychiatrist (Las Vegas Video)
Dungeon Dykes 1 (Fantastic Pictures)
Dungeon Dykes 2 (Fantastic Pictures)
Extreme Sex 2: The Dungeon (Vivid)
Farmer's Daughters (Las Vegas Video)
Girl's Affair 4 (Fat Dog)
Happy Ending (Wicked Pictures)
High Heel Harlots 4 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Hole In One (Filmco Releasing)
Hot Tight Asses 7 (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
Hourman (Sin City)
In Search Of Blonde Butt Babes (Las Vegas Video)
In X-cess (Las Vegas Video)
Just Lesbians (Unknown)
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 13 (Red Board Video)
Lesbian Castle (Lipstik Video)
Lessons 'n Love (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Love Bunnies 6 (Fantastic Pictures)
Love Bunnies 7 (Fantastic Pictures)
Makin' It (Vivid)
Mating Pot (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Micro Video Super Special (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Mindsex (Adult Lovers)
Naughty In Nature (Horne Boi Video)
Neighbors (Legend Video)
Passion (In-X-Cess Productions)
Peepshow (Odyssey)
Performer of the Year (Wicked Pictures)
Pouring It On (Metro)
R.E.A.L. 1 (Las Vegas Video)
Raw 2 (Arrow Productions)
Reel World 2 (Forbidden Films)
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (VCA)
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (new) (VCA)
Selina's Prey (Xcitement Video)
Sex 1 (VCA)
Sex Scandals (Xcel)
Shame (Vivid)
Sloppy Seconds (Plush Entertainment)
So You Wanna Be In The Movies (VCA)
Stand Up (VCA)
Strange Sex In Strange Places (Zane Entertainment Group)
Stranger at the Backdoor (Coast To Coast)
Stripper Nurses (Plush Entertainment)
Submission Of Ariana (Bizarre Video)
Suburban Nymphos (Atlas)
Surprise (Vivid)
Swallow (Vivid)
Takin' It To The Limit 1 (Exquisite)
Uncovered (New Vision)
Used and Abused 1 (Silver Foxx Productions)
Video Roulette (Midnight Video)
Anal Asspirations (Las Vegas Video)
Anus and Andy (Zane Entertainment Group)
Bend Over (Visual Images)
Bet (Video Team)
Bitches (Lipstik Video)
Black For More (Zane Entertainment Group)
Blinded By Love (Odyssey)
Bottoms Up (II) (Filmco Releasing)
Breastman Does the Himalayas (Erotic Video Network)
Burgundy Blues (Metro)
Burning Secrets (Metro)
Bustin' Loose (Las Vegas Video)
Bustin' Thru (Las Vegas Video)
Butt Boss (Vidco Entertainment)
Butt Sisters Do LA (Midnight Video)
Buttslammers 3 (Exquisite)
Buttslammers 4 (Exquisite)
Cajun Heat (Sin City)
Candy Snacker (Vidmax)
Caught from Behind 18 (Filmco Releasing)
Cheerleader Nurses (VCA)
Christmas Carol (Pleasure Productions)
Club DV8 1 (Sin City)
Club DV8 2 (Sin City)
Corruption Of Christina (Wicked Pictures)
County Line (Pepper Productions)
Debbie Does Dallas Again (Arrow Productions)
Deep Cover (Wicked Pictures)
Dickheads (Midnight Video)
Dirty Little Lies (Video Team)
Double D Dykes 9 (Gourmet Video Collection)
Double Down (L.B.O. Entertainment)
Essence Of A Woman (Total Video)
Femme Fatale (Sin City)
Frat Girls Of Double Double D (Plum Productions)
Full Throttle Girls 1 (Visual Images)
Fury (Vidmax)
Gang Bang Face Bath 1 (Rosebud)
Girls Will Be Boys 5 (Pleasure Productions)
Good The Bad And The Snuggly (Zane Entertainment Group)
Good Vibrations (Zane Entertainment Group)
Governess (Wicked Pictures)
Hollywood Temps (Zane Entertainment Group)
Hot Tight Asses 3 (T.C.K.S. Entertainment)
Hypnotic Passions (Total Video)
I Want A Divorce! (Zane Entertainment Group)
Immortal Desire (Vivid)
Jailhouse Cock (In-X-Cess Productions)
Kadillac And DeVell (Zane Entertainment Group)
Last Action Whore (Las Vegas Video)
Look (Wicked Pictures)
Loopholes (Total Video)
Love Doctor (Electric)
Memories Of Dolly 2 (DBM Video)
Mindshadows 1 (Fat Dog)
Miss Anal America (Las Vegas Video)
Night And Day 2 (Video Team)
Nightvision (Total Video)
No Man's Land 8 (Video Team)
Nothing Personal (Caballero Home Video)
On The Come Line (Midnight Video)
Orgy (Glitz Video)
Orgy 2 (Glitz Video)
Orgy 3 (Executive Video)
Outlaws (Sin City)
Party Of Payne (Evil Angel)
Peepland (Factory Home Video)
Precious Cargo (Visual Images)
Prescription For Pleasure (Heatwave)
Proposta oscena (Grand'Idea)
Pussyman 3 (Snatch Productions)
Pussyman 4 (Snatch Productions)
Radical Affairs 7 (Moonlight Entertainment)
Raunch 8 (Coast To Coast)
Real In Windows (Factory Home Video)
Real TIckeTS 1 (VCA)
Reds (Legend Video)
Rehearsal (VCA)
Saturday Night Porn 2 (Arrow Productions)
Sensual Exposure (Ultimate Video)
Sexcess (Caballero Home Video)
Sexmares 1 (Factory Home Video)
Sexophrenia (VCA)
Shear Ecstasy (Pepper Productions)
Shiver (Forbidden Films)
Skippy, Jif And Jam (new) (Leisure Time Entertainment)
Smart Ass Delinquent (Video Team)
So I Married A Lesbian... (Western Visuals)
Sodomania 5 (Elegant Angel)
Sodomania 6 (Elegant Angel)
Songbird (Fantastic Pictures)
Squirt 2 - Second Cumming of Sarah Jane (Arrow Productions)
Steam (Zane Entertainment Group)
Take The A Train (Midnight Video)
Tales Of Tribeca (Heatwave)
Three Wives (Video Team)
Trashy Ladies (Lipstik Video)
View To Thrill (Silver Foxx Productions)
Virtual Reality (Executive Video)
Women (Catalina Video Distributors)
WPINK TV 5 (Paradise Visuals)
Backdoor to Hollywood 14 (CDI Home Video)
Backdoor to Hollywood 9 (CDI Home Video)
Beauties and the Beast (Arrow Productions)
Between the Cheeks 2 (VCA)
Big Tease 2 (VCA)
Black Cobra (Western Visuals)
Book (Infinity Film And Video)
Cagemen (VTO)
Caught from Behind 13 (Filmco Releasing)
Channel 69 (VTO)
Cheeks 3 (Coast To Coast)
Deep Throat 4 (Arrow Productions)
Denim Dolls (CDI Home Video)
Denim Dolls 2 (CDI Home Video)
Diamond For Sale (Erotic Video Network)
Diamond in the Raw (Arrow Productions)
Do It With Debi (VTO)
Down To Earth (VTO)
Earth Girls Are Sleazy (Soho Video)
End Of Innocence (Metro)
Fly Away (VTO)
Friday Night Fever (Las Vegas Video)
Future Is Yours (VTO)
Girl Country (Coast To Coast)
Good Time Charli (CDI Home Video)
Hardbreak Ridge: A Team 3 (Western Visuals)
Hershe Highway 3 (Filmco Releasing)
Honeymoon (4-Play Video)
House of the Licking Sun (VTO)
Jeanny Loves Sex (VTO)
L.A. Fantasies (Western Visuals)
Last Good-bi (CDI Home Video)
Memories of a Pornstar (VTO)
Mistaken Identity (Coast To Coast)
My Friend My Lover (Arrow Productions)
Nasty Girls (CDI Home Video)
Naughty Nineties (Filmco Releasing)
Night At The Wax Works (Infinity Film And Video)
Not So Innocent (Filmco Releasing)
Paler Shade Of Blue (Coast To Coast)
Prayer For The Fucking (VTO)
Racquel On Fire (VCA)
Say Something Nasty (Coast To Coast)
Scandalous (Coast To Coast)
Send Me An Angel (Venus 99)
She's Ready (CDI Home Video)
Single Girl Masturbation 3 (Eye Shadow Productions)
Six Nine Love (Las Vegas Video)
Some Like It Hot (CDI Home Video)
Sporting Illustrated (Filmco Releasing)
Squirt Em Cowgirl (Arrow Productions)
Sunstroke (Western Visuals)
Tailgunners (CDI Home Video)
Take 4 (VTO)
These Buns For Hire (Las Vegas Video)
Uncut Diamond (Metro)
Vegas: Snake Eyes (CDI Home Video)
Whole Diamond (Erotic Video Network)
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