Alec Metro

Alec Metro
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Also known as
Alec, Alex Metro
January 1, 1970 (53 years old)
Astrology sign
Birth place
New Orleans, LA
Hair color
178cm (5 ft 10 in)
84kg (185 lbs)
Adrenaline (Sin City)
After Dark (Pleasure Productions)
Ally McFeal (Passion Productions)
Analize This (Lord Perious)
Asia is In Too Deep (VCA)
Backstage Slut (Multimedia Pictures)
Beast (Sin City)
Beautiful (Jill Kelly Productions)
Blue Aphrodite (VCA)
Bobbi's BJ And Anal Sluts (VCA)
Casting Couch Cuties 1 (VCA)
Changes (II) (Metro)
Coming of Age 2 (Jill Kelly Productions)
Couch Tails (Vivid)
Crystal Dreams (Adam & Eve)
Cubby Holes 1 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Dance Naked (VCA)
Deep Pink 1 (Babylon Entertainment)
Devoured (Adam & Eve)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 11 (All Good Video)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 12 (All Good Video)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 13 (All Good Video)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 15 (All Good Video)
Ecstasy Girls 1 (Odyssey)
Ego (Metro)
Empath (Metro)
End of the World (Vivid)
Every Man's Fetish 4 (Empire Video)
Exhibitionist 2 (Wicked Pictures)
Finally 18 1 (West Coast Productions)
Forbidden Farrah (K-Beech Video)
Freshman Fantasies 25 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 28 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 29 (All Good Video)
Gang Bang Bitches 28 (Plum Productions)
Girl Next Door (Indican Pictures)
Guilty Pleasures (Wicked Pictures)
Gushing Orgasms (Empire Video)
Gutter Mouths 17 (JM Productions)
I Dream Of Farrah (K-Beech Video)
It's a Wonderful Life (Silver Star Video)
Just 18 4 (Sin City)
Looker 2: Femme Fatale (Pleasure Productions)
Lovers Spell (Jet Multimedia)
Marissa (Vivid)
McKayla's Navy (Dreamland Video)
Michael Zen's Perversions 1 (New Sensations)
My Invisible Playmate (VCA)
Nineteen Video Magazine 35 (Dane Productions)
On the Prowl 1 (K-Beech Video)
Only the A-Hole 15 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 16 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 18 (All Good Video)
Partners Forever (Wicked Pictures)
Portraits In Blue (Vivid)
Primal Urge (Sin City)
Pure Sin (Sin City)
Puritan Magazine 25 (Puritan International, Ltd.)
Pussy Wars (Babylon Entertainment)
Red Scarlet (Dreamland Video)
Replica (Plum Productions)
Secret World (Pleasure Productions)
Secrets Of Heaven (Plum Productions)
Seether (Pleasure Productions)
Shayla's Web (VCA)
Shock Therapy (Sin City)
Skin Deep (Plum Productions)
Sopornos 2 (VCA)
Spiked Heel Diaries 17 (Bizarre Video)
Submissive Little Sluts 2 (All Good Video)
Submissive Little Sluts 3 (All Good Video)
Submissive Little Sluts 4 (All Good Video)
Submissive Little Sluts 6 (All Good Video)
Suspended Disbelief (Pleasure Productions)
Toe Story (Pagan Productions)
Understudy (Pleasure Productions)
Virgin Whore (Sterling)
Virtuoso (Sin City)
Voodoo Lounge (Sin City)
Wild Honey 2 (Pleasure Productions)
Wild Thing (Wicked Pictures)
Wolf's Tail (Adam & Eve)
XXXtreme Fantasies Of Jewel De'Nyle (New Sensations)
69th Parallel (Adam & Eve)
A Holes 1 (X-traordinary)
Ambrosia (Sin City)
Anal Fixation (VCA)
Ass to Mouth (Sunshine Films)
Babewatch 10 (Multimedia Pictures)
Babewatch 9 (Multimedia Pictures)
Barefoot Confidential 2 (Kick Ass Pictures)
Barefoot Confidential 4 (Kick Ass Pictures)
Bend Over And Say Ahh 1 (Coast To Coast)
Blue Matrix (Adam & Eve)
California Calendar Girls 1 (Elegant Angel)
California Cocksuckers 12 (Sin City)
Cheerleader Try-outs 1 (Dreamland Video)
Coed Confessions 3 (X-traordinary)
College Coed Cheerleaders (Sunshine Films)
College Girls Do 4 (CDI Home Video)
College Girls Do 5 (CDI Home Video)
Crazy From The Heat (Sin City)
Crossroads (Wicked Pictures)
Cry Babies 3 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Desiree (Adam & Eve)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 2 (All Good Video)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 7 (All Good Video)
Dirty Little Sex Brats 9 (All Good Video)
Dream Master (Sin City)
Epiphany (Pleasure Productions)
Executive Mission (Sunshine Films)
Freshman Fantasies 17 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 18 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 21 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 22 (Odyssey)
Fuck 'em All (All Good Video)
Fuck 'em All 2 (All Good Video)
Gettin' Wet: Last Howl (Adam & Eve)
Gutter Mouths 11 (JM Productions)
Hard To Swallow 4 (X-traordinary)
Hardcore USA (Robert Hill Releasing)
Hunting Desire (VCX)
Kelly the Coed 5 (Heatwave)
Kiss of the Vampire (Dreamland Video)
Millennium (Sin City)
Modern Love (Sin City)
Nineteen Video Magazine 22 (Dane Productions)
Only the A-Hole 11 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 9 (All Good Video)
Operation: Centerfold (Notorious)
Operation: Centerfold 2 (Notorious)
Painting Pamela (Legend Video)
Pimp (Vivid)
Pretty Girls (Sin City)
Principles Of Lust (Sin City)
Puritan Magazine 23 (Legend Video)
Quick And The Hard (Adam & Eve)
Raylene And Brittany Andrews (
Real Sex Magazine 20 (William Witrock Productions)
Real Sex Magazine 25 (William Witrock Productions)
Reflections Of Lust (Metro)
Ripe 4 (Forbidden Films)
Serenade (Adam & Eve)
Sex Safari (Wicked Pictures)
Shay's World (Sin City)
Squirting Starr (Gentlemen's Video)
Sunset Cliffs 1 (Ooh La La)
Sunset Cliffs 2 (Ooh La La)
Taking Out The Trash (VCA)
Tales From The Pink (Adam & Eve)
Torn (VCA)
True Hooker Stories (VCA)
Two Chicks For Every Dick (Zane Entertainment Group)
Under Dressed (Metro)
University Coeds 12 (Dane Productions)
University Coeds 17 (Dane Productions)
Wet Cotton Panties 10 (CDI Home Video)
Wet Dreams 5 (Nasty Pixxx)
Whispers (New Sensations)
Wicked Sex Party 2 (Wicked Pictures)
100% Amateur 43 (Odyssey)
Always Lily White (Adam & Eve)
Anal Inspection Service 1 (Ultra Image Productions)
Angelica's Anal Sinns (Dreamland Video)
Babewatch 8 (Notorious)
Back in the Saddle (Odyssey)
Backdoor Passes 1 (Elegant Angel)
Backstage Sluts 1 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Beauty Captured (VCA)
Blondage: Extreme Close Up 4 (Vivid)
Bunghole Harlots 3 (Elegant Angel)
Casting Call 20 (Metro)
Cheek to Cheek 3 (Elegant Angel)
Confessions Of A Porn Star (Empire Video)
Conjugal Visits (Golden Orchid Productions)
Damaged Goods (Golden Orchid Productions)
Desire (Legend Video)
Desperate Measures (Wicked Pictures)
Dog Tales 2 (Rain Productions)
Dog Tales 3 (Rain Productions)
Double Sadie (Midnight Video)
Double Troubles (VCA)
East Meets West (II) (VCA)
Every Man's Fetish 1: 18 and Barely Legal (Empire Video)
Exile (Wicked Pictures)
Fade to Blue (VCA)
Fever (Sin City)
Finally Legal 1 (Metro)
Fresh Flesh 3 (Odyssey)
Freshman Fantasies 10 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 12 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 15 (All Good Video)
Freshman Fantasies 7 (Venus Productions)
Freshman Fantasies 9 (Venus Productions)
Freshman Fantasies 9 3/4 (Venus Productions)
Gutter Mouths 9 (JM Productions)
Habits of the Heart (Adam & Eve)
Head Over Heels (Vivid)
Heartfelt 2 (Adam & Eve)
Homeward (Primal)
House of Freaks (Empire Video)
Infinite Bliss (Adam & Eve)
Innocence Lost (Sin City)
Intimate Exposure (VCA)
Intrigue (Sin City)
Just One More Time (VCA)
Love My Wife Please (Legend Video)
Made in America (Sin City)
Masterpiece (Dreamland Video)
Meat The New Girls 1 (Heatwave)
Mr. Moon's Public Perversions 2 (Empire Video)
My Two Husbands (K-Beech Video)
Naked Lust (Sin City)
Nightschool Confidential (Sin City)
Nurse Shanna (Midnight Video)
Nuts (Golden Orchid Productions)
Only the A-Hole 1 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 2 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 4 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 5 (All Good Video)
Only the A-Hole 6 (All Good Video)
Party Girls 1 (Empire Video)
Party Girls 3: So You Want to be a Porn Star (Empire Video)
Possession (Sin City)
Prime Time Pussy 2 (Empire Video)
Rage (Sin City)
Real Sex Magazine 16 (William Witrock Productions)
Reflections (Adam & Eve)
S.M.U.T. 5: Rode Hard and Put Away Wet (Elegant Angel)
Savage Gardens (Sin City)
Search For The Snow Leopard (Ultimate Video)
Sex Commandos (VCA)
Sexual Addiction (Odyssey)
Shooting Sex (Sin City)
Silk Panties (Fallen Angel)
Spellbinders (Moonlight Entertainment)
Starbangers 11 (Zane Entertainment Group)
Sweet Rides 2 (Venus Productions)
Tails of Perversity 6 (Elegant Angel)
Throbin Hood (Dreamland Video)
Torts And Tarts (Odyssey)
Trickle Effect (Ultra Image Productions)
University Coeds 6 (Dane Productions)
Wet Cotton Panties 8 (CDI Home Video)
Wet Scape (Sin City)
Wet Spots 5 (Elegant Angel)
White Panty Chronicles 1 (Rain Productions)
White Rabbit (Sin City)
Woman's Needs (Odyssey)
World's Biggest Anal Gang Bang (Midnight Video)
YA 11 (JM Productions)
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